6 Types of Tech You Need to Effectively Do Your Job at Home


There are many advantages to working from home. Saving money on gas, parking, clothes and eating out are all counted as pulses when working from your kitchen or home office. Whether you are working for yourself or virtually for a company, there are some tech tools you can use that will make your day smoother and help you to be more effective. Here are six that can make your work a little easier.

1. Computer and Monitors

Companies that hire you to work from home should provide your computer and at least one monitor. If they offer two, say yes, because they make it much easier to work with multiple programs simultaneously. If you are self-employed, invest in the desktop or laptop with the most memory and fastest processor that you can afford. You will save time and can write it off as a business expense. Make sure to have a battery back up because you do not want to take any chances with the possibility of losing the work you do on your computer.

2. Printer

Depending on the work you do, a great tech tool for work at home is the printer that can be a scanner, fax and copier, too. If you have an ink-jet printer, make sure you have a good lead on where to get ink on a reliable basis. Otherwise, a laser printer is a solid choice. Pay attention to the quality of paper you buy and make sure it is not too thin for your purposes.

3. Software

Having up-to-date versions of the most appropriate software for your business is key to running your business smoothly. If the company you work for doesn’t supply updates regularly, don’t be afraid to inquire about them. Researching the best deals and most secure options for freelancers is worth the time and trouble because you will have confidence your client’s information will be safe and you are working with the best programs available for your field.

4. Headset

Unless you do not speak to people in your business, a headset is a valuable tech tool to keep your hands free and focused on your client at the same time. You can use your headset to participate in a conference call while typing what your clients or manager are saying without noises in your room interfering or distracting the conversation. These are simple pieces of tech that can greatly improve your effectiveness when needing to multi-task.

5. Smart Device

Being able to communicate through texts and phone calls is paramount in today’s economy. A reliable smart device, such as a phone or tablet, is critical for effective work on a timely basis. You may have that customer who responds much faster to a text from your phone than from an email from your computer, so having both tech is not overlapping but covers all angles. Having a separate business line can help divide work and private life.

6. Keyboard

Working on laptops limits the keyboard options, but if you use a desktop computer, try out a couple of styles of keyboards to discover which one you like best. Being comfortable with what you use and being able to work quickly are both important factors in being effective. Give yourself every opportunity you can when given choices for customizing what suits your best work scenario.

The type of work you do and your employment situation dictate what tech you will use and if you have choices over the pieces. In either case, smart devices, computers, monitors and keyboards with reliable backups are a must. Headsets and printers can be added to make your work easier and more effective.

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