How to Choose a Freelance SEO Specialist


Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for any business, especially if you are outsourcing SEO work to a dedicated freelance SEO specialist. But outsourcing your SEO needs to a third party requires trust and preparation – so you want to choose the right person for the job.


The more experienced an SEO specialist is, the better quality they can offer. SEO is the lifeblood of most online marketing, but that also makes it an incredibly vulnerable point in your business, and you want an SEO specialist that can do the job well.

Hiring a random Fiverr SEO service that has no reviews and no online business listing is a huge gamble. They might provide great SEO services, but it is far more likely that they will simply damage your SEO results or rely on sketchy and ineffective marketing techniques.


A large part of SEO outsourcing is paying somebody else to provide all of the tools and experience that you can’t afford yourself. Even something simple, like building backlinks, can be easier if you have the right tools and platforms to give you relevant link data and keyword information.

If you are hiring an SEO specialist, hire one that already has these tools. These are the professionals who have made enough through their work to fund their own freelance SEO setup and who will be approaching your SEO work with existing knowledge of how to use those tools effectively.

A Plan

There are generally two types of SEO outsourcing:  the kind that relies on you having a pre-existing plan and the kind that does not. If you do not have any established digital marketing campaign, then it is important to call in an SEO specialist that can take charge and figure out the best way to optimize your site for search engine results.

While it can sometimes be useful to hire a specialist who is just there to put your plan into action, you usually want a professional that can suggest new ideas or strategies to help bolster your marketing. The more help you can get, the better, especially as a small business.


The cost of a particular SEO specialist is obviously going to impact how easily you can hire them and how much money you will have left over for other purposes. If your company operates on a tight budget, then getting everything figured out ahead of time can be important to avoid cash flow issues.

Even if you can afford a wide range of different price levels, you still need to decide whether or not you would be over-paying the SEO specialist. Some will charge more than they are worth, while others will charge less, and the correct answer is whichever option gives you the best results for the most affordable amount of money spent.

The hard part of outsourcing is always finding the right person to outsource to. If you choose the wrong specialist, there is always a chance that you will end up paying more than necessary for sub-par results.

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