How to Increase Customer Engagement in 2022


According to statistics, attracting a new customer to your business is 5 times more expensive than retaining the current one. However, the business should work both ways at once: with new and existing customers. This ensures the stability of sales and stable income. 

  • Attraction is aimed at expanding the customer base of the business and selling the product to new users. 
  • Retention helps to sell products to existing customers. It also prevents consumers from moving to competitors or discontinuing the product. 

In this article, we will consider the best ways to increase customer engagement in 2022.

Tips to Increase Customer Engagement

Recently, consumer loyalty has declined sharply due to a significant increase in offers on the market. Companies that use effective customer retention strategies are less affected by market changes and economic shocks. A permanent base allows you to stay afloat, and make a profit even during an acute crisis. Let’s consider the most successful ways to increase customer engagement.


Gamification is an interesting and effective variant to capture the attention of the customer. People love entertainment and are unlikely to refuse to take a quiz or get a discount by simply clicking multiple times on the pop-up tabs on the site. Proper use of gamification techniques successfully increases customer engagement and sales. It helps build brand trust. Among entertainments that can be interesting to consumers:

  • The integration of the wheel of fortune on the website
  • The accumulation of bonuses in a personal account
  • Other mini-games, which are usually used in any casino games UK or the lotto

Managers should provide consumers with good rewards for winning games. It is worth mentioning the possible rewards before the game starts in a pop-up window or the product card. This will increase the customer’s motivation to participate in the game and win.

Highly-PersonaLized Communication With Customers

Consumers are more willing to interact with businesses that adjust their messages specifically to needs and interests of each customer group. Thus, companies that want to increase brand value should pay attention to personalized user experience. Individualized messages are a great way to inspire the audience to interact with a brand’s products and services.

A pop-up message with an offer to buy the viewed product at a discount can increase customer engagement. In this case, it is important to address the user by name. An effective way to grab attention is a customized email marketing campaign. To succeed in personalized offers, you need to divide consumers into several groups according to their age, interests, location, etc.

Cooperation With Brand Ambassadors

Nowadays, bloggers set trends. Instagram bloggers or YouTube video reviewers can bring you many new customers and increase the loyalty of those who already know you. Collaborate with bloggers on an ongoing basis, but try to be honest and open in advertising. Remember, that the audience is very sensitive to any imposition and falsehood.

The performance of a business depends on the attitude of the company’s employees to the product. So make them the “evangelists” of your product. Give everyone the responsibility to increase customer engagement in the area they are responsible for. Even at a business meeting, you can present your product in such a way that a potential business partner will become your regular customer.

Product Customization

Let the customer customize the product: change the widget design, add new features on request, and offer special terms of use. Thanks to this, customers receive a product that meets their needs, requirements, and preferences.

(Always) Be On a Good Track with Your Customers

Good long-term relationship with your customers is the main aspect influencing the stability and development of any business project. With the right strategy, experts work simultaneously on expanding the base and retaining old users. This will ensure success and reduce the risk of failure. When choosing a strategy, it is worth considering the development of innovative technologies that actively influence marketing. Follow the tips discussed in this article and you’ll be able to significantly boost the customer engagement. 

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