How To Choose The Best Swimwear For Your Body Type


When it comes to swimwear, there are endless options to choose from. So knowing what will look good on you helps to narrow them down. While every body type is incredible, the right swimsuit can go a long way in making you feel beach ready.

For many, the goal of a good swimsuit is to highlight the parts of your body like like, and conceal the parts of your body you don’t. Below we have some tips on what swimwear looks good on each body type, so that way you can feel and look good on your next vacation.


Also known as an athletic body type, this is defined as a slim figure with a similar size bust, tummy, and waist.

For this shape, you want your swimwear to give the illusion of curves. This can be done through strategic cutouts and ruching. You can also take advantage of your body shape and wear a stunning one should swimsuit without the fear of anything falling out.


Hourglass is a highly desired body type, with a thin waist and a larger bust and hips you can see why this body type is named that way.

The best swimsuits for hourglass figures are ones that accentuate the waist, either through detailing or a stylish belt. You can even feel extra sexy and show off your fantastic body type with a thong swimsuit. They aren’t for the more modest person but they are in style and look gorgeous.

Inverted Triangle

Just as the name suggests, an inverted triangle body type is defined by wide shoulders and slim hips

For this shape, you want to make your hips look proportional to your shoulders. You can do this with an interesting print or unique detailing.

As for the top half you want to keep it quite plain, we suggest avoiding thing straps as they make your shoulders look wider. A stylish halter neck will be your new best friend.


If your hips are wider than your waist and chest, then you have a pear shape.

For this body type, you want to draw attention away from your hips and towards your top half. You can achieve this through a detailed top with ruffles or a fun print, and then a plain bottom piece. Mixing and matching are very popular when it comes to bikinis.

If you want, you could even have high-cut bottoms, these will extend past your wide hips and give the illusion of longer legs.


An apple body shape is characterized by slender shoulders and hips, but a fuller chest and stomach.

This means you want to show off your legs with a high-cut bottom piece. Finding a swimsuit with ruching around the middle will hide any tummy embarrassment.

The benefit of an apple body type is that you have a great chest to accentuate, this means any swimsuit with a low neckline is very flattering.


For plus-size ladies, you need swimwear that will embrace all your curves. For the top, we recommend something with a high neckline and a pretty design.

As for the bottom half, be bold with a Brazilian-style bottom. Show off your backside and be proud of your body.

When swimsuit shopping we recommend finding a stretchy material. There is nothing worse than trying to get out of a swimsuit when it’s wet.

Small Bust

There are many benefits to having a smaller chest, one of them being a whole world of cute bikinis. Smaller breasts don’t need a lot of support, so that means you can wear stylish triangle bikinis and even strapless ones. If you want to you can get a lightly padded one to mimic some curves then you can.

Bandeau tops are very in fashion now so why not stock up on a couple of colors?

Large Bust

Shopping for swimwear with a large bust is difficult enough. You need to make sure your top has enough support so aim for crop tops with wide straps and a thick chest band for support.


The main function of any swimsuit is to make you feel confident, if your favorite swimsuit doesn’t ‘work’ with your body type then you should wear it anyway. This article is suggestions on what to wear, not hard rules you need to follow. Wear whatever makes you happy.

It is important to remember that every body type is beautiful and that the only thing stopping you from having a ‘beach body’ is if you’re on the beach or not.

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