4 Careers That Let You Help Others


If you desire a career that makes more than a paycheck, you may want to explore what jobs help other people. It is a chance for you to earn money while making a difference in the lives of others. Here are four career choices to consider if you want to help others.

1. Registered Nurse

Nursing professionals work with physicians to care for patients with medical conditions. They provide hands-on care to patients by:

  • Checking vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and temperature
  • Giving medications
  • Answering questions about their condition or treatment
  • Performing exams

Nurses also keep records of their patients’ health conditions and procedures. They are the coordinators of their health care, ensuring that the doctors and other specialists who treat the patient work in conjunction with each other.

Nurses care directly for patients, and the work is often physical, meaning they get to wear comfortable clothing such as high waist jogger scrubs.

A registered nurse must have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, depending on the state. They must also obtain the proper licensure.

2. Social Worker

Social workers are trained to assess peoples’ needs, advocate for them and help them find solutions to their problems. They work in diverse settings, including schools, hospitals, community health clinics, nursing homes, military bases and private practice. People of all ages and walks of life need help with social and emotional problems sometimes — that is why becoming a social worker gives you the chance to work with almost any category of people.

Social workers diagnose psychological and emotional disorders in clients. They create treatment plans for them and help clients put the procedures in place. They may consult other specialists, such as doctors, psychologists and therapists. They also work with their clients’ families, educating them and answering questions about treatment plans.

A social worker needs a bachelor’s degree and hours of supervised work for an entry-level position. The degree qualifies you for becoming an assistant or caseworker. Becoming a licensed clinical social worker requires a master’s degree and thousands of hours of supervised experience.

3. Police Officer

Police are responsible for upholding the law. They keep communities and individuals safe by ensuring that people obey regulations. They can arrest or issue tickets to those not following the law.

Police officers patrol assigned areas, respond to calls and conduct criminal investigations. They write reports and may testify in court. They are often the first to respond to emergencies, whether they involve a burglary, traffic accident, medical situation or domestic dispute.

Police officers must exercise good judgment in life-threatening situations, often in a matter of seconds. They rely on extensive training to help them make the best decisions during a crisis.

Training requirements include a high-school diploma, and some agencies require college-level education. Candidates must also complete police academy training.

4. Teacher

A teacher provides instruction to students. They may specialize in teaching young children, middle-school children, teenagers or adults. Teachers create lesson plans that provide education on a subject, use the procedure for instruction and evaluate students throughout the lesson period.

Teachers may be based in a classroom and teach from a curriculum. They may also educate students by taking them on field trips or showing them how to perform tasks in a lab.

The education level you need to become a teacher depends on the age level and subjects you want to teach. You need at least a bachelor’s degree. You also must pass exams, complete supervised instruction and obtain a teaching license. If you teach higher education or work with special categories of students, you may need a master’s degree and more specific licenses.

A career helping others can be very fulfilling and satisfying. Even on bad days, you can know that you made a difference in the lives of others. A job helping people allows you to impact the world for the better. It is worth exploring your options.

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