What Is Abatement and Why Your Office Might Need It


As the owner of a business, you’ve probably heard of abatement before. However, you might not recognize how broad this term actually is. Overall, it’s the removal of a substance that, if left there, could cause harm to others. If a suggestion has been made that you get an abatement for your office building, this recommendation could actually have a few different meanings depending on what exactly needs to be done.

Asbestos Abatement

Hidden in the walls of some buildings, particularly older ones, you will find asbestos. When the structure is disrupted, as can happen with renovations and repairs, asbestos may be released into the environment, which can then, in turn, lead to serious and even fatal consequences for the employees. Asbestos needs to be handled with care and by professionals only. Failure to hire professionals could lead to lawsuits and serious consequences for your staff members.

Lead Abatement

While nowadays, the health hazards of using lead in paint are known, this information was not always public knowledge. In fact, lead paint only fell out of use around the late seventies. If you happen to be working in a building that was built before then, you might want to remove old paint from around the office Companies like Aqua Brite, Inc. suggest you consider just how long the space was painted, as this could very quickly indicate whether or not you need to be concerned. If some time has passed, the old paint might contain lead, which means that professionals need to remove the paint. Getting a professional inspection is the best way to determine if the paint contains lead.

Mold Abatement

Mold is yet another health hazard that needs to be treated with professional abatement services. You might think that the cleaning staff can simply wipe away mold from surfaces, but this substance tends to simply grow right back. Furthermore, professionals can identify the source of mold and treat that issue. Some types of mold, particularly black mold, can lead to serious health issues.

Rent Abatement

This one is actually a legal term. If you rent out the space for your business, there may be certain times when you do not have to pay the rent. For example, if the space is going to have repairs done that does not allow you to occupy the area for a specific period of time, you might be entitled to rent abatement. You can speak to a legal professional in this area for further guidance.

Clearly, abatement is not a term with only one meaning. In fact, throughout your career as a business owner, you might need to hire professionals who work in different types of abatement. Most of these situations related to abatement have to do with the health and safety of the workplace. As a result, do not waste time hiring experts to take care of the issue and to lead to a better environment for you and your employees.

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