Buying Quality Cannabis Flowers: 4 Signs To Look Out For


Cannabis has become legal in many states across the US and in Canada and is now widely available to people who want or need to consume it in both recreational and medical forms. Because it is a relatively new product for many and it doesn’t come in a single, thoroughly-regulated form, consumers should be taught ways to tell whether or not the flower they are buying is good or bad. 

This article will show you the ways to see beyond the surface of large, sticky buds to the functional elements that make up the cannabis flower, similar to how consumers choose other products, through touching, smelling, and squeezing the item in order to decide whether it is the right thing to purchase.

But before we delve into the ways to identify the quality of the cannabis flower, it is of utmost importance to have a suitable means of weed storage, because you will want the product to maintain its quality for as long as it possibly can. Now, without further ado here are the signs that indicate you are handling quality cannabis flowers.

Analyze the smell

High-quality cannabis buds usually have a strong scent that many weed aficionados enjoy. Strongly scented flowers are frequently described as having a very pleasant odor. Skunk, diesel, and pine are just a few of the names for the many fragrances that premium cannabis produces. A good-smelling flower will always be distinct, strong, and easy to identify; the better the sensation, the stronger the aroma is.

The richness of the fragrance may be too much for an inexperienced nose to handle at first whiff. But as you begin to recognize the aromas of particular terpenes, you will be able to analyze the fragrance profile. Terpenes play a significant role in the entourage effect of cannabis as the type of high you feel is influenced by various terpene ratios and combinations.

Take a good look at the product

High-end flowers offer a few visual cues to help you judge their quality, much like fresh, healthy fruit. Top-shelf strains often display a palette of vibrant colors. Deep green blooms with fiery orange or red hairs are frequently signs of high-grade flowers. They may also come in various hues ranging from vivid blue to deep purple.

The quantity and health of trichomes are key visual signs of excellent marijuana. Trichomes are the little, sparkling crystal-like formations on the surface of the plant that produce and store the chemicals that give the flower aroma, taste, and therapeutic properties. The greater the number of frosty trichomes visible, the more potent the flower is and the better effect it has.

Bud density 

Certain details regarding the growth process may be learned from the bud’s density. Density is typically a sign of a well-grown and extremely powerful flower, even if certain strains genetically develop looser, fluffier buds. Unusually wispy buds may be a sign that the plant didn’t receive enough light, was growing at the wrong temperature, didn’t receive enough nutrients, or a combination of these factors.

Spend some time familiarizing yourself by conducting research and studying images of the buds of particular strains so that you will know what to look for or anticipate.

Ash and smoke 

A common method for assessing the purity and quality of a bud is the color of the ash. By burning a small piece of the product, you will be able to see from the ash how the flower was grown or treated.

When burning the bud, examine if it produces black or white ash. Black ash can indicate a few things: it may show that there are chemical traces, that the bud was improperly flushed, or that there is too much moisture remaining, suggesting improper curing. Within the cannabis-growing and using community, checking the ash is a common practice to see if the flower is of good quality.

Final thoughts 

Finding high-quality flowers doesn’t have to be difficult. Even inexperienced cannabis users will be able to distinguish between good and poor buds with a keen eye (and sniff). As a consumer, it’s best to be as well-informed as possible. Figure out your preferences and decide what to search for. Keep yourself informed, do your homework, and examine the flower you’re purchasing more closely in order to have the most relaxing cannabis experience.

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