How to know if your employer is taking advantage of you and what to do


Going to work is never a truly enjoyable thing. It can be made even more unpleasant if you find out that your employer is taking advantage of you. This can make going to work even more of a struggle. It can often be hard to spot though if you are looking to succeed. You will likely often seek out opportunities to go above and beyond but this can leave you vulnerable to becoming a doormat for your employee. Here are a few things to look out for and how you can stop being taken advantage of. 

Not being allowed to take breaks or vacation time

If you feel that you are being pressured to continue to work when you are due to time off or when you need to go for a break, then you are likely being taken advantage of. It is legally mandatory for your employer to give you time to have food and to have a break. Make sure regardless of what your boss says, you take time for yourself. If they do not let you or give you too much hassle for it, then you should perhaps consider having a breach of contract attorney look at your situation. This will help you combat your employer. 

Doing this that isn’t your responsibility

When you are wanting to succeed in your job, it is natural to begin taking on responsibilities that may not be in your job description. However, if you find yourself doing this regularly and you are not being rewarded for it then you may want to change your behavior. Employers can allow you to take on more responsibility without having any intention of promoting you or rewarding you for your time. You should approach your employer and let them know that you are feeling taken advantage of especially if it is impacting your own projects. 

Working more hours

Every now and then you may be required to work later or take some work home with you. It can be a great way to show enthusiasm for your role. However, if this has become a habit for you and you are no longer getting time to relax then this is a problem. When your employer no longer begins to ask you if you mind doing it then you need to stop. This is the sign of an employer that cares little about your life and more about the work getting done. Every employee-employer relationship should have to give and take to create the perfect balance

Being taken advantage of

Sadly, this is a trap that many people fall into. You want to impress your employer and can often shoot yourself in the foot by doing this. You need to make sure that you show initiative in the workplace and what you are capable of without sacrificing your own life and well-being. If you soon start to see that you are the only one being treated in this way, then it is time to rethink your position.  

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