4 Important Interview Questions To Practice


Interviews are stressful and nerve-wracking for most of us, regardless of how many interviews have been sat through. 

It’s essential to look professional without overdressing or underdressing. Moreover, you’ll also need to look fresh, seem cool and calm, and have the correct answer to any question thrown your way. The goal is to create a memorable impression, even if the interview is virtual. 

So, we’ve listed some of the most important interview questions and suitable responses for you to practice. 

Why Were You Fired?

For candidates that were fired from their previous positions, this question will be one of the first you are asked at an interview; the hiring team will want to know if you were fired for reasons that will affect the company negatively. 

It’s best to be upfront and as brief as possible. If you were fired unfairly and need to seek advice on wrongful termination from legal experts, it’s best to leave this detail out when answering the interview question. Instead, briefly explain what happened while being careful not to portray your previous employer or ex-colleagues in a bad light. 

Why Do You Want This Job?

The answer to this question might seem comically obvious for most of us, although you shouldn’t answer by explaining the concept of capitalism to the hiring team. 

Instead, you should offer some insight into the company’s core values, products, and development plans. Let the hiring team know that you have gone the extra mile by learning about the company beforehand, and as a result, see yourself as a valuable part of the team because your values and career passions align with that of the company. 

What Salary Expectations Do You Have?

This is a nightmare question for any job-hunting professional. There’s no doubt that you already know your worth, but you’re worried the company might feel you’re asking too much. Problems can quickly arise if you answer this question the wrong way. 

Unfortunately, stating a price lower than what the company offers can also end the interview swiftly; the hiring team will assume you don’t know the industry well or are not qualified enough for the position. 

It’s best to state that your expectations are flexible. Refer to any guideline salary provided with the job description, and explain that you put a high value on the experience you will gain with the company. Unless referring to any provided guideline salary, it’s best to avoid answering this question with a figure. 

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

Another pretty challenging question to answer is your strengths and weaknesses. You want to avoid coming across as bombastic and proud, while you also don’t want to highlight your weaknesses too much. 

Try practicing ways to answer this question to align your strengths with the job description and responsibilities. When it comes to weaknesses, provide perceived weaknesses along with quick solutions to explain that you are working on improving these areas. 

The best way to ensure you are prepared for an interview is to practice interview questions beforehand. You can also find a more extensive list of common interview questions online. The more you practice your answers, the more employable you will be at your following interview. 

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