Tips for Keeping Your Office Neat and Tidy


Whether you’re collaborating on a project or growing your business, having a neat and tidy workspace is essential for maintaining an organized, relaxing, and productive work environment. It’s especially important when you consider the stress, anxiety, and lack of focus a messy office can create. To help avoid these unproductive side effects, there are some simple steps you can follow to keep your workspace tidy and your mind clear.

Perform a Workspace Audit

The first step in tidying up your office is performing a workspace audit to determine what items you truly need and what items you could do without. Take a look around your office and make a list of the items and supplies you use every day. Then, list all of the items you never use or only use every now and then. Whatever is on this first list, you can get rid of.

Hide Electrical Cables and Chargers

The simple step of hiding all of the wires in your workspace can make a huge difference in how neat and tidy it looks. By using a surge protector and routing all wiring neatly in an organized fashion, you’ll clean up your workspace and make it feel less disheveled and unorganized.

Freshen the Floors

Office floors are often overlooked unless there are serious stains or problems with them. In fact, many people don’t pay any attention to them at all until they trip on a cord and come face to face with the surface they’re tromping on. Other than helping you avoid potential trip hazards, clean and tidy floors will also freshen up your office space and help portray the pride you show in your work. From floor scrubbers to steam mops and cordless vacuums, there are several handy, compact floor cleaners out there just waiting to be used.

Go as Paperless as Possible

In today’s digital world and work environment, there’s no need for filing cabinets and reams of paperwork. If you have papers and folders everywhere you turn, it’s time to digitize. There are tons of apps and online resources for getting work done, but if the paper is a must, try to limit your usage and keep it organized for easier reference and a tidier desk area.

Unfortunately, cleaning your office once in a blue moon won’t keep your office neat and tidy in the long term. To not only create but keep a clean and tidy workspace, you need to make cleaning it a conscious habit. Similar to attending meetings and sending emails, keeping your office clean should become routine.

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