6 Professional Headshot Tips for Looking Your Best


First impressions matter and not only for people in the entertainment industry. Professionals in the corporate field also want to make their presence known to their clients and future customers. That’s where headshots done by an expert can give you the upper hand in your particular business arena. Today, most people are checking social media accounts and websites to learn more about a corporation and who’s running it. Here are tips from the experts on getting a professional headshot that allows you to stand out.

1. Getting Enough Sleep Matters

A headshot done by a pro can be a tremendous asset to the company you run or work at. For one, you’re proud enough to place your face with the product and/or service you’re selling. It’s a key step of branding. To prepare for a high-quality headshot, make sure to get your zzzs. People get turned off by a tired appearance.

2. Choosing Your Clothing Carefully

People are judging you when they’re looking at your photo, so you want to select the best colors and individual fashion style that flatters your image and personality.

Professional photographers recommend choosing clothing in a solid shade when preparing for corporate headshots. Solid colors deliver the finest results, say WASIO Faces, experts in pro headshots. They also advise bringing “two looks that are business casual and two looks that are more dressed up such as dress shirts and suits.”

Stay away from busy fabric prints and logos.

3. Makeup And Mattifying The Shiny Face

You don’t have to do this, but a lot of people hire a makeup artist and hairstylist before their photos are taken. That way, you can have a blemish or other skin imperfection concealed and an oily face powdered to reduce unwanted shine.

The flash from pro photography has a tendency to accentuate shine, and being around a photographer’s studio can cause every complexion to shine around the forehead, nose and chin.

Also, don’t do anything drastic to your hair or skin before the photoshoot. Go with what works for you and avoid a new hair color, style, etc.

Having both a hairstylist and makeup artist can help you put your best face forward.

4. Getting Up Close And Personal; Leaning In

It isn’t always so simple to prepare your smile and create the ideal face and body position. However, the experts have a little advice and that is to lean into the camera.

To do this, lean your weight on one foot toward the camera. This will enable you to maintain your weight evenly on your body. Your nose and neck tend to be the closest body parts to the camera lens.

Don’t hold the same smile for every shot. In between each pic, try and relax your expression back to natural. If you hold on tightly to your smile, it will look fake.

You can try a no smile, a big smile, a small grin, etc. It’s quite alright to try a few different expressions. Be you, and be comfortable.

5. Choosing A Favorite Angle Is Just Fine

Don’t be shy. You can tell the professional photographer that you prefer your image taken from the left side, for example.

Even celebrities like Mariah Carey have their photo preferences. For this superstar, she only likes to be photographed from the right side. Mariah claims that a record label woman on set once advised her that her right profile/side is her best and to only let people photograph her from her good side, ever.

So that’s how Mariah likes it.

6. Wearing Glasses Or Not Wearing Them

Here’s a question that often comes up before a professional photoshoot: Should you be photographed in your glasses?

The answer’s easy. If you’re always seen in the office with your glasses on, then, it is recommended to wear them for the photos to keep with the brand image.

However, there’s no law that makes you wear glasses. It’s totally up to you.

Closing Remarks

Professional headshots are an asset to anyone in the corporate industry and can help you gain a potential client’s trust and boost your reputation. Relax and smile for the camera!

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