5 Ways to Nail Your Next Interview


1. Study Your Resume

After many years in the career world, months and years will look the same to you. When interviewing for your next position, ensure that you have studied your resume and know it inside and out.

Your potential employer will ask you questions about your previous positions, and it is best not to fumble at that point. Be clear and concise with the information you provide, do not waffle on about your entire job history.

2. Learn the Job Description

If you’re going to be applying for a new job, you best make sure you know what will be expected of you. Go through the advertised job description in detail and make notes on how you can add value to that position.

You need to stand out from competing applicants, so be sure to impress them with your in-depth knowledge of the position. Aside from experience and qualifications, many employers look for a keen willingness to succeed and leadership qualities.

3. Plan for Personal Questions

Even though employers cannot quiz you about your personal life directly, they often find clever ways to work those questions into casual conversation. 

That should not be seen as a personal attack on your character; it is just a tried and tested method for them to scope out behavioral issues with potential new employees before they are offered the position. Utah unemployment is a good reason for companies to make sure they are attracting the talent they require for their vacancies.

4. Dress the Part

Dressing for the job you want is more than just a spiffy new suit or dress. You need to ensure that your hair is clean, your nails are tidy, and your teeth are pearly white. Well, maybe pearly white is more for an ideal world.

Try on your outfit long before the day of your interview to ensure that it suits the job you are applying for. Most corporate companies have strict dress codes that their employees need to adhere to – try and find out what those are from your recruitment agent so you can plan your ensemble.

5. Speak Clearly

Nerves of steel are not easy to muster on the day of your interview, but you need to do your best. Practice what you want to say in the mirror the day before your interview and research ways to speak clearly and with confidence.

Even if you are not a confident person by nature, you need to fake it until you make it. Employers have ideal personality traits that they look for in new hires, so ensure that you project the best version of you possible.

To End

Every interview will give you butterflies, particularly when you need a career change, and that job is the perfect way to transition into your new one. Learn how to do breathing exercises to stay calm and keep your shoulders back because that projects confidence.

Walk into the interview room with a confident air and smile on your face, try not to grin because that can be a bit creepy.

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