6 Things to Look for When Hiring for Your Billing Department


Billing specialists are responsible for managing invoices and payments for your company. They have a range of duties that include time management, customer service, record updating, processing payments, and sending detailed invoices. It’s a big responsibility that requires someone with the right education and skills. These are some of the top qualifications to look for in a new hire for your billing department. 

Digital Skills

The modern world is filled with conveniences and instant access. This extends to your billing department. You must hire employees that can comfortably handle the data entry and the necessary programs on a computer or device that keep businesses running. This includes everything from sending emails and generating reports to using a 5G charging function for online and offline billing

Education and Training

When you are screening candidates for your billing vacancy, pay close attention to education and training. Someone that has completed a degree program or earned a certificate in the field of billing you require could be invaluable. They already have the knowledge they need to do a great job and have a lot to offer. 

It’s also worth looking in-house for a billing specialist. Promoting a current employee could mean that training time for the role is drastically reduced since the individual already knows a lot about how your business works. 


Another qualification to determine suitability is the amount of experience a candidate has. Running a billing office can be a demanding job. It could be to your advantage to hire someone that has worked in the same capacity before and understand the various functions and tasks that are required. 

Knowledge of Pertinent Software

It’s normal for every new hire to need some sort of initial training and adjustment period to excel at a job. However, billing generally requires the use of specific software and computer programs to generate reports and invoices, process payments, and update client files. 

A good candidate should already have at least a basic understanding and working knowledge of the software that your company uses. This saves you both time and ensures that the new hire can perform all of their duties. 

Range or Specialty Area

The type of billing personnel you need to hire depends upon the needs of your business. If you require someone to handle general billing, then your search criteria may be broader. 

For medical and insurance billing, the qualifications needed are a little more involved. Some types of billing, such as medical, require certifications beyond what you require in your own office. Verify that all candidates have fulfilled these requirements before continuing with the hiring process. Insurance billing typically involves a lot of contact with clients and the insurance company. Discrepancies with coverage and difficulty obtaining the correct payment are unfortunate realities that your new billing employee will need to know how to navigate. 

Find out a candidate’s full background to understand the range of billing tasks they are trained in, as well as any specialty areas and additional helpful skills. 

Customer Management

Determine how much experience your billing candidates have with customer service and management. When the topic of billing and payment is involved, conversations can easily become heated. The right candidate should be able to maintain a professional demeanor at all times and diffuse a situation. They must offer excellent service to ensure that the customer’s needs are met and all concerns addressed. 

Employees in your billing department should follow the practices your company has put in place to deal with common situations. They must also be able to find answers to more difficult queries to find a resolution to an issue. 

The success of your company depends upon your staff’s ability to keep essential operations running smoothly. Billing is key to keeping your finances in great shape. Whether you specialize in medical billing or need someone to handle constant invoices sent to customers, an experienced and competent billing expert can make a big difference. 

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