How to Choose the Right Delta 8 Company


Delta 8 products are growing in popularity these days, and you can use them in various forms: gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges, and even flowers. Many Delta 8 companies are also popping up here and there. In this article, we guide you around choosing the right Delta 8 brands — read on!

What is Delta 8? 

Delta 8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a natural chemical compound found in small traces in hemp and cannabis (marijuana) plants. It’s often sold in boutique weed dispensaries and convenience store shelves. 

The Delta 8 compound is popular because it’s legal in most states and has similar effects to its more potent cousin, Delta 9. Oftentimes, people refer to Delta 8 as “marijuana lite” or “diet weed”. On top of that, Delta 8’s side effects — such as anxiety, drowsiness, and paranoia — are less potent than Delta 9’s. 

When searching for the right Delta 8 company, consider the factors below. You may also contact Kyla Labs to access fantastic Delta 8 products. 

Product Quality

Clean ingredients are a must for Delta 8 products, so check the quality of every ingredient used by the company you’re considering. Everything that comes from cannabis has THC content, and the amount of THC determines potency and quality. 

Ensure that the company uses Delta 8 in their production lines productively. You can do this by checking the lab tests done on their products; such information is available on the companies’ websites. 

Types of THC in the Mix

Many brands and companies incorporate other types of THC into the Delta 8 products. The four main variants of THC are: 

  • THCA
  • THCV
  • Delta 8 THC
  • Delta 9 THC

THCV and Delta 9 variants are highly potent, and they’re highly regulated. If you’re not looking for strong euphoric effects, ensure that these compounds aren’t in concentrations higher than 0.3% in the product you’re buying. 

Ingredient Purity

The purity of ingredients affects the quality of the product. If the ingredients are 100% pure, you can experience the real effects of Delta 8. As a result, choose companies that have a proven track record of using ingredients that are free from heavy metals and pesticides.

Your Budget 

Most of the time, higher-quality products command higher price tags. Quality hemp takes time and labor to produce, so most hemp-based products are expensive. On top of that, cannabinoids are only present in limited concentrations within hemp plants.

When choosing a Delta 8 company, consider the budget you’re willing to spend on the product. Your situation will dictate how much you can spend on Delta 8 products. 

Customer Reviews 

Consider brands that have highly positive reviews from firsthand customers. You can scour online directories and review platforms on the internet to search for popular brands. Pay attention to common trends and customer comments for each brand. 

As no company is perfect, you might find negative reviews of good companies from time to time. Pay close attention to such reviews and see if the complaints are isolated cases or are common among customers. If the issue may also likely apply to you and your needs, you might want to search for another company. 

Things to Know About Delta 8 

Before buying any Delta 8 products, you should know the following facts: 

  • You can’t overdose but can experience Delta 8 side effects. Research shows no proof that users can overdose on Delta 8 THC. But consuming it in large amounts can cause side effects like low heart rate, lethargy, paranoia, and nausea. 
  • You can use Delta 8 in various ways, such as via capsules, gummies, vapes, and topical products. 

Delta 8 has short-term side effects. Even when not consumed in large amounts, you can still experience short-term side effects such as hallucinations, loss of consciousness, reduced memory, and THC dependency.

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