4 Important Marketing Considerations for Your Small Law Firm 


Do you sometimes struggle with the marketing side of your law firm? Maybe you don’t already have someone who solely works in-house in this area of your business. Whether you hire outside of your firm or stick with someone who’s already in the workplace, it’s crucial that you have a solid game plan to attract and bring in new clients who specifically need your services. 

Social Media 

Many people now love to follow social media today, and that includes using it as a means to search out and assess local businesses. You can be at the forefront with a strong social media campaign. Keep in mind which platform(s) would best suit your needs, such as Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. Twitter. If you are looking to market B2C services, Facebook is better. B2B services would be ideal on LinkedIn. 

Even though most people aren’t going to share their legal issues online, they’ll want to do their research and ask a representative some questions to make sure your firm is a good fit. This offers a sense of humanization that you just don’t get so much when on a website. Make sure you have someone who will check the messages frequently. 

Email Marketing 

An easy and inexpensive strategy for marketing is to make use of emails. Since it’s said that more than 90 percent of adults check their email accounts daily, you’d do well to put together a newsletter schedule so that you can update your current clients. This will also make it so that you’re in their minds and they are more likely to mention you as a recommendation to someone who needs your niche set of services.

With a newsletter, you can optimize it so that people can go directly to your contact page or to some other location on your website to learn more. Maybe they haven’t hired you in the past for any services and only signed up for email notifications at the initial “getting to know you” stage. They may not already know personally how you operate, but this at least puts your law firm in front of them more often. 

Content Marketing 

It’s a big deal to get the right kind of content on your site. You might also have content on other websites or relevant news platforms that are redirected to your website. The more places that your content is visible and allows people to click to a landing page on your site that is associated with their particular needs, the better it’s going to be for your firm. This is said to bring in 55 percent more visitors to your website – how can that be wrong? 

It’s important that these blog posts, articles, or other types of content are easy to read and understand. You want content that’s geared towards the layman since they’re going to be your average clientele for your services. Search around a bit and see what types of content are doing well, including what topics people want to know more about that relate to your field of expertise. 

Pay-Per-Click Ads 

You may not have thought much about online advertisements that other sites can host. Gone are the days when companies would only use billboards, bus stops, and newspaper/magazine ads. Pay-per-click ads make it possible to bring people to your site and benefit anyone who’s helping you out by hosting your ads. Google Ads has become a popular way in which to pay for having your website links go to the top of search results. Consider this if you want that edge over other local firms, especially if you’re located in an area where there are many who provide your services.

If you’re like Dove Law Firm and other small law firms, you want to work on your marketing strategies to build them up strong. It might be in your best interest to have a dedicated law firm SEO consultant assist you in this process. Find out how an SEO consulting agent can make this an easier process and you won’t regret it. 

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