Broadcasting Tools Every Media Executive Should Understand


There is a lot to take advantage of in the digital age. Sure, we’re getting driverless cars and upstanding robots, but if you’re a media executive, it’s possible you are missing out on some of the best tools on the internet to help you do your job. Some of these tools can really help to streamline all the little things that make life so difficult, allowing you to focus on the bigger and more enjoyable aspects of your career. 

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is designed to be your one stop platform for everything YouTube. Creators can find everything from editing tools to analytics on this platform. If you have a social media presence at all, you will probably need to work with YouTube, if only to supplement other social media platforms with content. It is the first point of contact for most video content and appears all over the internet due to people linking their content. 

From its all-in-one platform, you can manage all your content and playlists, see how your content is performing, handle any monetary issues, manage comments, create subtitles, and even edit. 

Not only is it helpful to creators, but also marketers, or anyone occupied with the analytics. You can keep an eye on your audience retention and watch time, making improvements for the next video, and you can watch your click through rate and improve on that with the features offered. You can even figure out where all your audience members are coming from. 

Understanding the ins and outs of using the YouTube Studio isn’t difficult, and you might find you pick it up quickly, but it is always changing, so keep an eye on the dashboard that will inform you of any changes to the site. 

Red Bee Media

Red Bee Media offers a range of broadcasting tools to make things easier for content creators and media specialists. Almost every element of broadcasting media can be aided with at least one of their many tools. 

For example, there are OTT services for broadcasters, which allow you to stream content “over the top” of other media platforms, so that you give your viewers as well-rounded an experience as possible. Not only that, but it will also improve your live streaming quality, so your media looks as professional as possible. 

You can also enjoy services like media management tools, which can offer content enrichment for monetization, advanced content life-cycle management, advanced security and allows you to move content quickly across platforms. 

If you’re having trouble getting eyes on your content, you can use the content discovery features, which allows your audience to find your content easier across multiple devices and in various languages.


Twitch offers the most well-rounded live streaming experience. If your content can be made better with streaming, you have a lot of options, but the pros moved away from YouTube and Instagram for a reason. 

For one thing, Instagram’s live streaming options are very limited. It’s very quick and easy, but far lower quality with sub-par features. If you are looking for a worthy streaming experience for your fans, Twitch is the way to go. 

Although Twitch was initially made to center around gamers, a lot of other creators have found a place on the platform and prefer Twitch due to the ease in which their audience can find them amongst the categories and the much smoother user experience offered by Twitch, which prioritizes interacting with the stream. 

Plus, between YouTube and Twitch, Twitch is a lot more popular for streaming, which means you will have more dedicated eyes on your stream. 

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