Understanding the Different Ways of Learning


Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD are thought to be difficult to teach. The fact is that they can be taught in the same ways as other students if the proper methods are utilized. Children learn in four primary ways, each one is distinct in its own methods and capable of providing students with the information they need to succeed. There are clinical trials from Power in which you can participate to help you to understand more about ADHD.

Understanding the Different Ways of Learning

There are four key ways information is offered to a student. If the student receives the information in a way that makes it easier for them to comprehend, they will learn much faster. Students who have received an ADHD diagnosis must be evaluated to establish which style of learning best suits them.


An audio learner is a student who learns best by listening. Instructions can be read to them or they can listen to them on a recording. An audio learner may require that the instructions be played several times so they can get a full grasp of the content being taught.


A visual learner is someone who learns best by watching. They can watch another person performing a task or a video representation of a task being performed. Like the audio learner, the student may request to see the video multiple times. Students who are visual learners may want to study a task for several minutes before they attempt to complete it.


kinesthetic learner is someone who learns best by performing a task. This type of student rarely needs audio or visual assistance and can simply go to work at completing the task with a little trial and error. Kinesthetic learners are the “hands-on” students who take things apart so they can put them back together.

Combination of Two or More

While many people learn best using one of the three primary methods of learning, there are several people who learn best using a combination. They can be audio/visual, audio/kinesthetic, visual/kinesthetic, or a combination of all three. Students who use all three often need to hear it, see it and then do it in order to sufficiently retain the information. It may take several attempts to determine which of the learning styles is most effective for each child, but once it is determined, it won’t change. It is one of the practices followed in Capstone so that children learn properly.

People who take on the task of ADHD coaching will often employ one of these methods to help them sufficiently reach the students they are teaching. To be an effective coach, they must be willing to use whatever means necessary to help the child successfully learn their lessons.

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