Top Ideas for Your Next Birthday Party in 2022: An Event to Remember


If you’re planning to celebrate another year’s revolution around the sun in style, you’re not alone. There are many reasons to celebrate and be thankful this year, particularly as we’ve all been through the worst year (a couple of years, at that) and could all do with a celebratory party. We all have a reason to celebrate, indeed – and a birthday party to end all birthday parties sounds just like the thing. Whether you want to usher in your 40s with a grand affair or would like nothing more than to welcome your 25th year with a bang, here are some top ideas for your next birthday party in 2022 – and how you can make it an event to remember.

  1. Have a barbecue in your backyard

We start with one of the most common (and popular) ways to celebrate, and it doesn’t have to be hard to arrange – get your closest family and friends around you for a day of fun with a barbecue! Ideally, you could have the barbecue in your backyard, but if you don’t have the space – and would like somewhere more fun – you could host it at a different venue. Better yet, why not have a pool party with a barbecue? It doesn’t take much to plan – all you need is some good food, great music, and some awesome fun and games. If you want something more epic, you can even have a whole hog roast to celebrate your special day. The trick is to find a suitable venue and come up with some music and games to get everyone going.

  1. Have a personal chef regale you with a delightful spread

Some people prefer something more formal and intimate, and if a barbecue isn’t your thing, you can hire a chef to cook a full-course dinner for a small group of family and friends. It’s the perfect low-key celebration, but it sure packs a punch, and you can host it at your home or go somewhere more special. You can, for instance, rent a home in the country, invite your closest friends, and have a personal chef delight your palate – it’s stress-free, relaxing, and a good way to pamper yourself with a gastronomic feast.

  1. Throw a party with a unique theme

The themed parties are still as popular as ever, as party planners Gloucestershire like Oasis Events confirm. You can go all out with a unique party theme, and some of the most loved themes include retro 60s and 70s themes in all their psychedelic glory and platform shoes, an 80s theme complete with bright neon, or a classic masquerade ball or Venetian theme. You can choose any theme you want; just make sure that every one of your guests is in costume! It’s also a great way to plan the event around your theme, as it decides the kind of décor, the food, the music, and the entertainment.

  1. Have a black-tie affair

Now, this is the opposite of a barbecue, but it’s something that could be a thrill to plan! You can have a full black-tie affair with champagne and caviar, and this is a certified hit these days because it allows everyone to don their best outfit and dress to the nines. After two years of wearing pyjamas and housecoats, it’s certainly refreshing to see everyone looking so dapper. 

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