7 Ultimate Tactics Which Can Drive Traffic To Your Website


You want to drive traffic to your website and have thousands or even millions of people digest your web content, but perhaps it’s not happening for you now. Fortunately, there are many organic traffic-generating strategies for your business type and budget. Perhaps the best part is that you don’t need to apply all of them to get the results you want. It’s time you discovered the ultimate tactics that can drive traffic to your site.

1. Start a Blog

Before now, only traditional bloggers and news outlets created frequent written online content. Today, nearly all the top websites have blogs, and more bloggers have emerged. It’s not hard to see why. Statistics show that businesses with blogs gain 97 percent more links to their websites. Blogging is paramount to SEO and organic traffic generation. Did you observe how search engine pages are littered with blog posts? It implies that you have a slim chance of attracting people to your website without a blog.

2. Start Link Building

Link building is when a collection of external websites create links to your website. It can make your web pages seen by many from other websites or blogs. When content creators from other sources cite your work, they create a hyperlink that redirects their readers to the original, which is you, as a way of avoiding plagiarism. You can outsource link building duties to experienced freelancers or agencies with a track record of positive results. They can help you build winning methods of acquiring quality backlinks from relevant websites to generate organic traffic in the long run.

3. Update older web content

Although a blog’s age doesn’t take away from its validity, it can become less relevant to the present times. About 34 percent of bloggers claim that updating content yields positive results. For instance, when you blog on the latest android version, the post may become outdated once a new version comes out. Also, SEO practices and writing guides change from time to time, making former posts obsolete. Thus, review your older posts to identify areas that need an upgrade. Conduct new SEO research and optimize the content. You may only need to alter less than 40 percent of the content to meet current standards.

4. Promote Your Brand on Popular Online Forums

There are many online platforms where people with particular interests in various fields share information, ask questions, and get answers. The most helpful participants usually get more followers while promoting their website and gaining traffic. Identify the top online forums, including Quora and Reddit, and join them. Over 26 million people use Reddit monthly in the United States. Create a user profile to include your name, email, social media IDs, occupation, experience, skills, awards, and website. While answering questions, add a relevant link to your website. When you do this often, more people will click on the link for more information, bringing traffic to your site.

5. Write Guest Posts

Guest posting is simply writing a blog or article on a third-party website. Thus, a guest post is a writeup you made on another person’s website. Guest posting exposes you and your brand to even more audiences. However, be sure that the website you’re posting relates to your field and is not a competitor. Look for opportunities to guest post and add links to your website in the writeup. This makes it possible for the readers on the third-party blog to discover and possibly become fans of your work.

6. Update Your Social Media Accounts

Unless you’re Sleeping Beauty and just woke up from a 100-year snooze fest, you probably have social media accounts. First, try to separate your personal from business social media accounts if you’re not making money directly off your image. Use higher quality images, hire professional social media managers if you can, and develop social media-friendly content. Engage with followers by answering their questions and making suggestions. While you do these, always leave a link to your website for more information. Use your social media as a direct link to your website. Thus, whenever you have an announcement to make, only tease the beginning and leave a link to your website for the audience to follow.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers are internet superstars who made their fortune by creating social media content. They also have thousands and millions of followers to show for it, and you can get a piece of that pie for a price. Influencers usually promote products or services on their websites or social media accounts for a commission. In most cases, they mention your website and leave a link to your site their audience can access on their platform. Search for and start a partnership with influencers in your industry covering relevant topics.

Final Thoughts

Driving traffic to your website is not luck; it’s a combination of strategies that can produce lasting results. You can perform most organic traffic-generating activities yourself, from backlink building to content updating. If you think your website should be doing more numbers, you should implement these tactics.

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