How to Better Control Your Sensitivity as an Empath


Not everyone grows up in the same way in this world; some people grow up normally, while others grow up in stressful or problematic situations. 

This can often result in emotional sensitivity which can cause one to have trouble controlling their feelings. The problem is that some people who have this flaw have difficulty coming to terms with and controlling their feelings.

Being too sensitive can be a problem as this is often seen by others as a weakness, encouraging them to exploit you. Thankfully, there are healthy ways to best manage emotions as someone who is sensitive. 

If you’re having trouble controlling your emotions, here are some of the best ways to control them.  

Facing Oversensitivity

Facing oversensitivity is the most obvious problem you need to tackle head-on for you to control your sensitivity as an empath better. Some of the most common struggles of oversensitive people include:

Avoiding Conflicts at Any Cost

Oversensitive people often tend to avoid conflict with others at any cost as it stresses them out and makes them feel humiliated in front of others. This can stem from the childhood trauma of watching parents of loved ones fight all the time. 

Needless to say, you need to overcome this struggle if you intend to get out of your emotional rut.  

Having Difficulty Setting Boundaries 

The second most common problem empaths tend to have; is difficulty setting boundaries with others, which definitely affects your relationships in the long term. It also changes people’s perception of you, giving them the idea that they can impose on you or push you around.

Easily Getting Overwhelmed by Emotions

Sensitive people are easily overwhelmed by their emotions if they don’t know how to manage them healthy and balanced. This is problematic because getting overwhelmed by emotions leads to rash decisions and an inability to think clearly. 

Meditation can greatly help you regulate your emotions to keep a leveled head in any situation.

Being Misunderstood by Others

This struggle ties in with the first two struggles on this list- others often misunderstand people who avoid conflict or have difficulty setting boundaries. 

They don’t understand the reasoning behind your decisions, leading them to misunderstand your loyalty and judgment. Resolving the first two struggles will often automatically help resolve this particular struggle.


Oversensitive people often have a tendency to overthink too much. Thinking inherently isn’t a bad thing – the more you think, the easier it becomes for you to understand and solve problems. But when you take this practice into overdrive, you’re unable to make smart and rational decisions that would be the best resolution of a particular problem you’re facing.

Neglecting Self Care

Empaths who’re too strung up on their emotions often tend to have problems when it comes to self-care. This applies to both physical and mental wellbeing. Without taking care of yourself properly, your body starts to collapse, which leads to your mind becoming numb. 

To overcome the oversensitivity issues, you need to physically and mentally care of yourself.

To successfully overcome oversensitivity, you need to overcome all these struggles to gain self-confidence and be assertive in any circumstance. 

Facing your oversensitivity issues won’t be easy, and you definitely won’t be overcome them overnight. But with dedication and consistency, you can definitely weed out the character flaws that are detrimental for you.

Achieving Emotional Balance  

Now that you understand the common struggles of oversensitive people, it’s time for you to learn ways for a person who’s considered sensitive and an empath to try to manage their emotions better. Practicing mindfulness through hobbies like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, etc., definitely help and have been proven effective for thousands of years.

But sometimes, being mindful and putting in your best effort might not be enough. For times like these, you need to have a plan for the possibility of an emotional overload. Talk through emotions regularly with a trusted person like a family member, friend, or a keen psychic.  

Put in Your Best Effort

Being oversensitive is a character flaw that many people don’t realize thanks to the unhealthy glamorization of mental issues and problems in popular media like music videos, TV shows, and films. 

If you realize that you have this issue, facing the root causes behind your oversensitiveness. It’s quite easy; all you have to do is put in your best effort.

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