5 Reasons To Move To Wilmington, NC


Wilmington is a city located in coastal south-eastern North Carolina, and its wonderful coastal scenery is one of the many reasons why people are choosing to move there. The city itself is quite diverse in terms of opportunity and what it provides which means there is always something for everyone. 

Whether it is exploring the historic parts of the town or sampling the local brewery, Wilmington is a great city to move to. If you are considering a move to Wilmington, but are currently on the fence, then here are our 5 top reasons as to why you should relocate to this wonderful coastal city. 

Carolina Beaches

It goes without saying, but one of the most attractive parts about Wilmington is its beautiful Carolina Beaches. The beaches boast the perfect combination of white sand and crystal-clear water, so you will always feel like you’re on holiday. If you are a fan of water sports, then the beaches of Wilmington will be the perfect place for you as there are plenty of opportunities to surf, paddleboard, and kayak. 

However, if water sports aren’t your thing, then why not check out the historic pier at The Kure Beach for some picturesque views. The great thing about having access to so many great beaches is that you will never be short of things to do. If you are ever feeling bored one day, or just in need of some fresh air, you can always just go outside and take a stroll along the seafront.

Affordable Housing Market

Although it is a very popular coastal city, you may be surprised to find out that the housing market in Wilmington is quite affordable. Cheap seaside living is not often found, but Wilmington is a rare city that provides both quality beaches and affordable living.

If you are considering buying a place in the city, then be sure to contact some real estate agents in Wilmington so they can show you what homes are for sale. You can find real estate agents in Wilmington known as EZ Home Search, who offer a variety of homes. Another thing that makes Wilmington an affordable area is that there is a big focus on pedestrians and making the city walkable. Being able to easily walk around the city can save you a huge amount in transportation throughout the year. 

Fresh Seafood

Another great thing about living in a coastal city is the abundance of fresh seafood. If you enjoy fresh seafood and sampling new cuisines, then moving to Wilmington could be the right decision for you. The city is full of great quality seafood restaurants, so you will never be in short supply of your favorite dishes. 

As a city, Wilmington prides itself on delivering fresh seafood, so sampling the local restaurants can be a great way to get in with the community and make some friends. Moving to a new city can be daunting, and you can easily feel isolated if you don’t know anyone in the area. Visiting the local restaurants can be a really simple way to socialize and get to know the local people. If you still need some convincing on how good their seafood is, check out these 10 best seafood restaurants and see what you think. 

Hospitable People

Relocating to a new city can be quite scary, and often what adds to this is the feeling of being the new person and not knowing anyone. It is a completely justified feeling, but it is one that should quickly pass if you move to Wilmington as the people are just so friendly. The community in Wilmington is known for being very close-knit and welcoming which is perfect if you are new to the area. 

The population of the city has steadily increased over the years with people from everywhere choosing to settle in the coastal city. This has led to Wilmington being a culturally diverse place. Having cultural diversity is always a good thing and it can certainly make moving somewhere new that little bit easier. Not to mention, having a mix of cultures means an abundance of diverse cuisines, art, and celebrations.


While seafood dominates the food industry in Wilmington, craft beer dominates the drinking side of things. The city is famous for its local breweries and the abundance of craft beer that flows from them. The popularity of craft beer has been on a steady increase for the last decade, especially within Wilmington. In fact, the drink is loved so much within the city that in 2015, Wilmington was named as one of “the beeriest beach towns in America” by Craft Beer. Since its crowning in 2015, the passion for craft beer has only increased and you will be unlikely to find a bar that doesn’t serve a Wilmington classic craft beer. 

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