5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to a New Web Host


When running a business – or even a blog – speed is important. People will abandon a website when it requires too much time to load. Also, if you cannot get an answer from the hosting company’s support system, then it leaves you in a bind. 

There are many reasons to switch to a new web host. Here are 5 of them. 

  1. Limited Hosting Plans Available

Some web hosts offer a small collection of plans that aren’t much different from each other. This doesn’t allow its customers to grow steadily by graduating to faster packages. Ultimately, the limited hosting plans eventually force a move to another host. 

Choosing the right web host to support your venture is important. Getting web hosting help is sometimes necessary to find the right company. 

  1. Snails Move Faster Than Your Website

When a website has always been slow, you know it. It’s that feeling when you signed up, created, or uploaded the site, and then discovered it loaded slowly.

Even discussions with support won’t have helped because if the hardware is underpowered or their servers are hosting too many sites, there is not much they can do about it. 

At this time, it’s necessary to bite the bullet and look for something better. 

  1. Pages Time Out When Loading

For sites that are either misconfigured or just too slow, pages may time out.

This can occur when the web server has given up trying to provide the page to the web surfer. More often though, it happens when the web browser gives up waiting for a response from the webserver or the page didn’t fully load. 

Refreshing the page won’t help with this unless it was a temporary issue. Services such as one from Ahrefs can report on pages within a site that are timing out. This is often the first indicator of this issue. 

  1. Downtime is a Real Problem, not a Percentage

Downtime is reported by web hosts in uptime percentage terms. They may report that they have a 99.7% uptime history. Which sounds fancy but doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. 

The percentage uptime rating doesn’t communicate effectively when their hosting failed. Or how long it was down for?

A misconfigured DNS or a denial-of-service attack (DDoS) can knock a web host entirely offline for many hours. If this happened only for half a day, it won’t impact the percentage uptime record by much. However, for the sites knocked offline that lost business that day, they sure noticed it!

  1. Support is Bad

Inferior customer contact comes in different forms. It might be that the sales team knows their hosting packages but not the technology behind them. Also, it could be that the hosting support team is slow to respond, fail to answer questions in the original message, require 48 hours to reply, or they aren’t making any sense. 

One way to test this out is to ask a technical question of the sales team. They‘ll often need to refer it to a support person to answer. The response time and quality of the response will be telling. 

Don’t be afraid to switch to a new web host when you have good reason to do so. It’s a bit of a wrench for a day or two, but if your current hosting is bad, rip the Band-aid off.

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