Companies That Are Revolutionizing the Health Industry


The health industry is always changing. With technological advancements and more people caring about their health, companies must stay on top of the trends and find a way to meet the demands of their customers. While the industry is constantly changing, many companies continue to evolve with the times. These are the companies that are revolutionizing the health industry. 


Imprivata provides secure access for healthcare providers and patients. Over two million users use Imprivata for simplified compliance reporting and improved workflows. 


Nevro is a medical device company that offers products to improve the quality of life for patients dealing with chronic pain. Nevro’s main focus is its customers, who rely on the brand to provide them with innovative solutions that make their lives easier.


Calatrio makes a medical device for the treatment of essential tremors. This tech wearable can help improve tremors and make the shaking less severe for many patients who suffer day-to-day. Those with essential tremor often have issues performing simple tasks such as holding a cup of coffee or tying their shoes, all of which can be improved through the daily use of Calatrio. 


CareZone is an app designed for caregivers to make their jobs easier. This app helps caregivers manage everything they need to do in one place, allowing them to organize medication and schedules, take pictures of medications, get medical reminders, organize contacts, and store files. 


PatientPop is a complete growth solution for healthcare providers and practices that allows them to thrive online. PatientPop offers a variety of solutions for medical practices, including online scheduling and marketing. In addition, PatientPop automates touchpoints within the patient journey to improve first impressions and make digital booking easier. With PatientPop, medical practices can attract more patients and manage their online reputations. 


WiserCare is a web-based software solution that delivers healthcare decision support solutions. It provides personalized reports and includes evidence-based treatment options and preferences regarding patient treatment options. 

Ultimately, WiserCare guides patients and doctors to the best and most appropriate treatments. WiserCare can be used in person or during virtual care. 


Heal helps to humanize medical practices by supporting doctors and their patients. Heal offers a licensed pediatrician or family doctor to patients on demand and when they need it. Heal offers cheap services with select insurances. 

Heal’s goal is to help patients get the care they need from the comfort of their own homes. By allowing patients to see a medical provider in their own homes, this company changes the patient experience and improves health outcomes.


OpenMed supports doctors of all types, including medical, dental, behavioral health, nurses, and home health care professionals. OpenMed is a medical assistant app that helps patients make appointments online. This company sends appointment requests to millions of healthcare providers in the US. In addition, patients can use the app to explore new doctors near them or learn more about their existing doctors by reading reviews, ratings, and more. 

OpenMed saves patients time, helping them find a doctor near them and can see them as quickly as possible. Not only that, but OpenMed has a unique appointment feature that allows patients to send appointment requests to up to ten doctors so they can get the earliest appointment. 

Devoted Health

Devoted Health is a healthcare company that aims to make healthcare easier and affordable, especially for seniors. This company puts the focus back on the patient, offering Medicare plans to serve seniors with more attentive healthcare solutions. Not only that, but they aim to build relationships between healthcare providers and their patients so seniors can get the care they deserve. 


CarePredict is a health-tech company that uses artificial intelligence to help seniors get the care they need. The eldercare platform helps seniors live more independently. CarePredict uses technology to allow seniors to age in place without the need to move to senior care centers. This company identifies patterns in the lives of seniors and can predict potential health problems. The technology detects certain information and translates it into actional insights for caregivers and seniors. 


Medtronic is one of the largest medical technology companies in the world. This company offers innovative therapies to help alleviate chronic pain and restore health. In addition, Medtronic offers life-transforming technologies and leading medical science to create new solutions for patients, including less invasive surgeries that minimize downtime. They also take insights from data to make improvements in their care to tailor therapies to patients in real-time. 


Net32 is changing the way that dentists can access their supplies. Before, dental professionals had to browse through and compare dental catalogs from each individual vendor. Now, they are able to compare products and costs in one convenient place. Through Net32, dental professionals are able to find great deals on quality supplies, all within their free website. Not only are they giving dentists affordable access to products, but they are generating a community of dental professionals, allowing them the freedom to create their own practice without falling into debt traps.


Silversheet helps healthcare facilities manage their workforce and doctors manage their careers. Silversheet aims to tackle the complex daily workflow of medical facilities, including physician credentialing. As a result, facilities can easily add new physicians, automate the process of verifying their credentials, and invite other doctors to join. 

Teladoc Health

Teladoc Health is a telemedicine healthcare company that helps remotely connect patients with doctors. Teladoc offers virtual primary care by connecting patients with doctors for their checkups while remaining in contact with their regular healthcare provider. 

Teladoc Health also connects doctors and patients through on-demand appointments to help patients get the care they need when they need it. Teladoc’s platform can help patients of all types get the medical care they need from the comfort of their own homes. 

iRhythm Technologies

iRhythm Technologies provides solutions for monitoring cardiac health and detecting arrhythmias. The company’s products include connected wearable patches that provide doctors and patients with data that can determine and inform treatment and end-to-end ambulatory monitoring services. 

Final Thoughts

Various companies are aiming to change the healthcare industry and make acquiring care easier for patients while helping doctors manage their patient load and improve treatment. While many of these technologies help improve telemedical care, others help improve the patient experience as a whole to provide better solutions for doctors and their patients. 

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