4 Tips for Dealing with Large Amounts of Homework


Almost all students worldwide do homework, but the quantity differs from one region to the next. Kids in China spend at least 13.5 hours a week on homework while their counterparts in The Netherlands only handle about 5.8 hours. While homework is essential to completing syllabuses, it wouldn’t be productive to assign so much of it that a student spends all weekend doing schoolwork. They should be allowed some rest too.

Here are useful student tips for handling tons of homework.

Set up Time and a Study Area

One of the most efficient ways to deal with homework is to set some time for it. You could designate the number of hours you feel will sufficiently allow you to handle the work and then remove all distractions until you are done. You want to also use an online essay database to help with research to make your work easier to get through. These days, you can use technology that is designed to help with homework, thereby halving the work and securing good grades. You can start by searching a website that contains the material you need to complete your homework fast.

Speaking of technology, there are YouTube channels that allow you to study with friends from all over the world if you usually get lonely and distracted when alone. They even have soft music in the background and timed breaks that you and your buddies can use to socialize. You want to designate a space in the house where you work to avoid all the noise from the rest of the family or your university roommates.  

Get Rid of Distractions

Set realistic targets with your homework and start working. If you are writing an essay or researching for a dissertation, decide you will only leave your desk when the first draft is done. You don’t want anything that prevents you from meeting your set targets, so you want to turn off phones, social media sites, and other things that will be in your way. You also want to ignore the internal triggers that could make it hard to focus on the task at hand, such as hunger and the water breaks. To avoid too many movements, you want to assemble what you will need in your study area. Some of these internal triggers are sent by the brain to distract you, so tune into yourself enough to know which ones to act on.  

Don’t Procrastinate

One of the reasons why homework overwhelms students – from high school to college – is setting it aside until the last minute. Get to work as soon as the assignment is assigned to get it off the way. Most educators assign enough for one evening, so ding it while it is still fresh removes the chances of getting overwhelmed when you have too much of it with little time.

Accept that you Deserve it

Younger students will adapt to the feelings and reactions of their parents and other adults in their lives, so it helps to let them know from the get-go that homework is part of their responsibilities. Doing this removes the feeling that they are doing too much and will handle it without acting up. The same applies to older students, where assignments become more manageable when they accept that it’s meant to help them better understand what they studied. At higher levels of education, you can seek help with homework as you have too much to handle with no time, and luckily several great companies exist for this.


Extend yourself some grace by acknowledging how far you have come. Even if you still have tons of homework but managed to work through the stack you had lined up for the day, you ought to celebrate. Graduate students often have so much to do that they hardly take the time to appreciate their work till they are through with their studies, but you could be the exception to the rule.

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