Understanding the 3 Most Important Digital Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses


In the past, you probably thought that marketing your small business was all about letting customers know that you’re here and open for business. While this is still a realistic goal of marketing a small business, there seems to be a shift towards direct, aggressive marketing online. This means that many small business owners want to learn how to market their business in a way that will quickly bring paying customers into their physical stores or onto their small business websites. In this day and age, it’s extremely important for small business owners everywhere to learn and utilize digital marketing because this is simply the way that the world is going. Without learning it, your business will be left in the dust as your revenue drops to a startling red number. The good news is that learning digital marketing can be made simple, even for a business owner who has never looked into it. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the information available online, as one guru will tell you to do it this way, and another will tell you to do it that way. In order to make it simple, consider the three most important techniques and platforms to market your small business digitally.

Mastering SEO Will Explode Your Small Business

SEO isn’t that complicated. It stands for “search engine optimization”. The reason why this is important for small businesses to utilize is that it centers around the most visited website in the world – Google. Google is a search engine, meaning that customers will use this site to search for information. Search engines are usually the first stop for a customer deciding whether or not to purchase a product from a small business, so SEO is the technique of using specific keywords and phrases on your website that most people are searching for online. Doing this will ensure that your website is on page number one of a search engine, almost guaranteeing that it will be clicked on. For example, a dentist might want his website to be more visited by people searching for his services on Google. So, in order to practice great dental SEO, he might hire someone to use these specific, searched-after keywords on his website. This will attract tons of customers.

Social Media Is Where It’s At

The next platform to consider is social media. You know that the popularity of social media is always on the rise, and you know this because all you have to do is look around. Everyone seems to have their nose down, scrolling on their social media pages to see what their friends are up to. It would increase the profits of a small business tremendously to invest in social media marketing. With some social media platforms, you can control your daily budget, which ensures that you won’t overspend. But the most amazing aspect of social media marketing is the power to reach potential customers and its traceability. You can actually measure how your marketing is doing numerically, as opposed to guessing how many customers you’re bringing in from a newspaper ad.

Emailing Will Build the Trust Needed to Make a Sale

It’s important to be everywhere you can be online. Of course, many people are not sending physical letters to their friends and family anymore. Most businesses are sending their customers emails to tell them about their products and services, and there is a reason for this: email marketing simply works. Through it, you build the trust of your potential customers by sending them well-crafted emails and nurturing them until they’re ready to make a purchase from you. Every business owner will tell you that you need an email list to be successful in the digital marketing world.

If you can master and get better at these simple platforms and techniques, your small business will explode! Again, choose to only focus on these three for now. In the end, these types of digital marketing might be all you need to increase your revenue.

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