5 Types Of Ransomware Attacks You Should Be Aware Of


Ransomware attacks are common hacking attacks in which some hackers get access to all your data and encrypt it with an encryption key. You cannot access the data unless you pay the ransom and get the decryption key from the hackers. You can only get your data back without paying the ransom by hiring a ransomware removal service.

These ransomware attacks are very common worldwide, and people have lost billions of dollars through such attacks. It is therefore important that you know about ransomware attacks to keep yourself safe. You can find out more about the five most dangerous ransomware attacks in this article.  

  1. Bad Rabbit

It’s true that most of the hackers are geeks and have interests in all sorts of things, as evident from the name of this ransomware attack. Though the name looks like it’s straight from a Halloween party, it’s more deadly than that.

The reason why it’s named “Bad Rabbit” is that it comes bound with fake “Adobe Flash Player” updates. This attack might no longer be deadly as Adobe has now discontinued the Adobe Flash Player, but it’s true that some people might still get tricked by the ransomware attack. 

Bad Rabbit has hit most businesses and organizations in Russia and Eastern Europe throughout the years. 

  1. CryptoLocker

The field of “Cryptocurrency” has changed our lives, and almost everyone is aware of this digital currency. But little do people know that “Crypto” means making something difficult to read, and that’s why the name “CryptoLocker” is deadly as it encrypts all your data without your permission.

CryptoLocker was one of the deadliest ransomware attacks as its decryption was super difficult. In 2014, the decryption mechanism for this ransomware attack was created, which turned off the effectiveness of this attack. 

Nowadays, several variants of CryptoLocker are taking rounds on the web.  

  1. Crysis

We all know how fun it is to take ourselves out from a “Crisis” in a game and in our real life too. However, when the “Crysis” ransomware attack hits your computer, it might become impossible for you to take yourself out of danger. 

One of the main reasons it’s the deadliest ransomware out there is that it comes bundled with emails, and this attack makes it placed in the computer and hides cleverly through the double extension mechanism. Another way Crysis can affect users is that it can also be attached to pirated versions of different software programs. 

  1. Cerber

If you have biology in your life, you might know about the “Cerebrum” that lies inside our brains. The ransomware “Cerber” gives the feeling that we are discussing the vital part of the human brain. But the ransomware named “Cerber” isn’t friendly, and it comes with severe consequences.

Cerber is a horrific ransomware attack as it doesn’t make its way to your files via emails or any pirated software. Instead, it can make its way through online SaaS products that most assume to be safe for use. Cerber can also attack users through unprotected websites. 

  1. CryptoWall

As mentioned above, we all know how Cryptocurrency is shaping the future. But the word “Crypto” has some shady applications as well, and you can link “CryptoWall” with the absolute abomination of ransomware that will waste both your time and money. 

CryptoWall exists in the market in various forms. Exploit kits make the transfer of this ransomware attack from one computer to the other easier as this virus has infected users throughout the wall. The recent ransomware is termed as CryptoWall 2.0, and it’s also affecting users around the world.

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