How to Set Students Up for Success with Online Learning


The internet is a great resource for staying connected to family and friends, but it’s also an amazing tool for learning. Schools that want to set their students up for future financial and educational success should look to virtual learning and online teaching platforms to get the most of the internet’s ability to improve students’ lives.

AP Classes

Advanced Placement Classes, or AP Classes, are a great option for schools that want to give students access to challenging courses and the opportunity to earn college credit. Larger schools might offer a few of the many available AP classes in-person, but smaller schools don’t always have the staff – or enough interested students – to make in-person AP classes practical. Fortunately, AP classes are offered virtually, which means students who are looking to be challenged in a specific area aren’t limited by what their school can offer. Schools that promote virtual AP classes need to make sure their students can connect to their virtual learning space. For some rural schools, this might mean they’ll need to figure out how to connect students to the internet. Other schools might need to make sure their students have access to the internet outside of school hours. Mobile hotspots for students are a great option for students in either situation. By supporting students who pursue AP classes, educators can help students potentially save thousands of dollars in tuition at the college level, which means students are set up for future educational and financial success.

Dual Enrollment

Students who want to be guaranteed that their hard work will translate to college credit might prefer dual enrollment in a college instead of taking an AP class. Many colleges and universities pair with local high schools to offer college courses and credits to high school students. The cost of dual enrollment is primarily taken on by the state, higher education institutions, high schools, and school districts. These institutions take on the financial burden of a student’s higher education. For that investment to pay off, students need to be able to get online to do their homework, hand in assignments, and ultimately pass the class. Making sure these students have internet access is the best way for these institutions to make sure their money is well spent. Schools can supply mobile hotspots for students who are dual enrolled that they can carry with them. States and school districts that are not immediately involved in a student’s day-to-day life can make sure those students have access to agencies who may be set up with an internet service for nonprofit organizations. Again, lowering the cost of higher education sets students up for long-term success, and dual enrollment can really help those students looking to earn an undergraduate degree speed up the process.

Career Mentorship Programs

It can be hard for a school guidance counselor to give every student the one-on-one attention they might need as they consider their future after graduation. Career mentorship programs are a wonderful way for students to connect with professionals in their communities or even remotely in their desired field. These mentors can give students advice on college applications, programs of study, and internship opportunities. In underserved communities, these career mentors are a valuable resource. They volunteer their time and knowledge to improve the lives of students and provide a support system as they leave high school behind. Schools can start these mentorship programs internally and build a system of alumni and community leaders to connect with students, or they can direct students to local, national, and even global mentorship programs. Many of these programs are equipped with hotspots that provide internet service for nonprofit organizations, allowing mentors and mentees to overcome internet infrastructure challenges. Mentors can connect with students in even the most remote locations and ensure any student who wants to pursue higher learning has the tools and support to do so.

The internet can be a wonderful tool to enhance education. Making sure everyone has access to online learning is a great way to help students reach their full potential. 

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  1. I think is very useful to learn other language too, via Zoom. It is my own experience and was amazing and improved my English.

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