5 Self Care Tips to Do Everyday


Self-care is a collection of habits that you have agreed with yourself to carry out to better your health and well-being. Indeed, it requires extra effort and consistency. However, the benefits of listening to your body and fine-tuning your perspective supersede the time and resources needed to facilitate self-care. In this article, we will be discussing self-care tips that can be integrated into daily lives that are enjoyable and sustainable. 

  1. Seek the balance

There is no one size fits all self-care regimen. There is no general concept of self-care tips per se. Ultimately, an excellent self-care program must be a balance between a challenge and satisfaction. For example, running is an activity that may not be a self-care exercise for one, but it can be for others. The feeling of being centered finishing off a 10-mile run makes the activity worthwhile for some, but not all. Ultimately, select an activity that sparks joy and relaxation for you and what you value. Strike that balance and be amazed at the contentment it brings.

  1. Build a self-care checklist

Build a checklist by listing down activities you would want to explore. It can be divided and classified into five senses for easy reference. Essentially, prioritize any discomfort and always take them seriously. For example, vision and eyesight are significant touchstones of health. Of course, the best way to tackle eye problems is through a licensed physician. Eysuvis dry eye treatment is a go-to treatment for the relief of dry eyes and eye flares. In addition, it is a treatment that is top of mind for doctors and eye experts.

For smell, you might want to explore the world of essential oils, diffusers, and meditation. Touch may include contact sports and activities that can challenge you. Next, a monthly restaurant trip can be a good me-time to explore new things and be on your own. Therefore, it falls under the sense of taste. Lastly, listening to podcasts can be therapeutic and an excellent self-care activity for the sense of hearing. It is an example of a checklist based on the five senses. As an effective self-care practice, it can be a weekly activity to cover one of the five senses for a day or two.

  1. Create a game plan to implement through goal setting

Once you are done with the checklist, make it specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. Next, decide how to incorporate the list into your daily life by creating practical and sustainable goals—for example, unplugging all electronic devices for an hour before going to bed. If progress is good and the regimen is sustainable, elevate it with a more challenging goal by unplugging it throughout the night.

  1. Monitor and evaluate

Once the success rate is positive and a streak is evident, note the benefits and remember its feelings. Then, utilize the positive results as motivation to push forward and maintain the behavior. For example, if you are losing weight by eating right and moving more, use the results as fuel to apply the same diet and exercise program for a more extended period.

  1. Tweak and adjust

For sure, there will be failures and errors along the way. But, always be flexible and maintain your eye on the prize. Self-care integration does not occur overnight. It needs practice and habit formation.  


We are living in a fast-paced world. Therefore, it is vital to actively make time to slow down and take a much-needed break from responsibility, deadlines, and problems. Prominent examples of easy-to-adopt practices include reading a book, doing a 10-minute Pilates routine, or sleeping earlier. These activities, when done regularly, may result in healthy well-being and overall happy life.

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