Tools To Replace Facebook Analytics


Recently Facebook announced that Facebook Analytics would no longer be available starting from July 1, 2021. 

Facebook Analytics was the key to running ads more successfully, tracking results, and seeing the audience’s social behavior on the website. 

Now, it’s time to understand what interfaces can replace the tool? 

With other available options directly from Facebook such as Business Suite, Events Manager, and Ads Manager, you can get the same essential data.

Let’s dive into each one of them to understand how they are beneficial for you. 

Concept of Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics was a reporting tool that helped marketers see how users interacted with social media platforms over time. The tool monitored the results of organic and paid ads across devices. With Facebook Pixel, an essential piece of code of Facebook Analytics, marketers have got data from their website to track user behavior, measure their ads’ effectiveness, and monitor conversion rates.  

Substitutes for Facebook Analytics

Here are three essential platforms you can use to replace Facebook Analytics in 2021. 

Business Suite

Concept  — Business Suite is a free tool offering a new way to manage all the connected accounts of Facebook and Instagram in one place. 

Function  — The tool helps post content on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously by drafting and scheduling feed posts. You also get insights on what’s working well and what’s not. This new app’s home screen can showcase all the messages, notifications, and comments across the connected social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). 

With the tool, you can set up specific replies to your customers’ questions. By using it, you can get insights into the reach, engagement, and performance of your posts on Facebook and Instagram, and if needed, you can expand your audience by creating and running ads. 

Benefits — Facebook reports that the tool is ideal for small businesses, and it was created to make digital entrepreneurs’ working process more productive and less time-consuming. The pandemic made companies go digital as online shopping became current and more demanded. Businesses, especially small ones, needed a way to sell their products and find solutions to connect and interact with their customers. 

Using Business Suite, you will benefit from:

  • Managing accounts in one place without any hassle
  • Scheduling and publishing feed posts simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram
  • Accessing engagement metrics directly
  • Saving time and energy
  • Being able to reach customers easily 
  • Viewing notifications and responding to messages in no time 

Events Manager

Concept  — Events Manager is a marketing tool measuring your website’s performance, creating ads for users who entered your website, optimizing results from ads, and providing insights into traffic. 

Function  — Events manager tool has a tracking code that is essential to install for the function of the tool. You should set up a tracking code — Facebook pixel and the Conversions API to track all the “events” occurring there, such as page views, purchases, subscription rates, and more. The Conversions API is essential for delivering personalized ads while keeping the data privacy. 

Benefits — Business owners should monitor their website performance to understand their user’s social behavior, and realize why they leave the website without purchase. The insights help entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently and productively. 

Here are a handful of benefits for using an Events Manager:

  • The tool helps to create custom audiences that can help you find your customers among Facebook users. Via Facebook ads, you gather together all the custom audiences in one place, giving them the same offer.  
  • The tool is cost-effective because as you create custom audiences, you get engagement and actions from those interested in your business. 
  • The tool helps to create lookalike audiences based on custom audiences. This means that Facebook finds users who have similar behavioral habits or characteristics as your custom audience. In this way, you can reach new potential customers.

Ads Manager

Concept Facebook Ads Manager is an all-in-one tool to create and track ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

Function — Facebook Ads Manager helps you optimize each ad set and campaign to get detailed insights into their results and make your Facebook ads more effective. 

Benefits — You can decide when and where you want your ad to go and manage your budget.  

Here are reasons why you need to opt for Facebook Ads Manager:

  • It allows you to narrow down the audience’s demographics for every ad your company runs, which helps you to have precise and detailed targeting. This, in its turn, makes your ads more efficient as you get an opportunity to reconnect with those who have previously shown interest in your brand.  
  • Facebook ads are the best performing ads among eCommerce. Thus, you get higher returns on ad spend (ROAS).
  • There are various types of ads you can choose to best suit your business needs. 
  • You can prevent your ads to be seen in places you don’t want them to appear by saving money.
  • You can get estimates on how many people you reach with the specific ad you run.

Now you know three essential interfaces that you can use instead of Facebook Analytics. It’s time for you to act. 

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