How to Increase Sales with Livestream Videos


Video live streaming is a fantastic way to make money through video marketing. It is a revolutionary tool that can take your marketing strategy to the next level. Video live streaming has helped countless companies make billions of dollars and maybe what your company needs to take things to the next level.

Start by Letting People Know About the Event

Your event will not be successful if no one attends the event. No one will attend the event if you do not inform them. It is a good idea to create teaser videos and distributes images. These should be shared via social media channels. Use engaging captions.

Although it can be started way in advance, it is best to begin your pre-event campaign around two or three weeks before the live streaming takes place. If you start too early, your advertisements may become background noise. If you start too late, you may not generate the attention and excitement you need for your event.

Use Live Streams for Important Events and Product Launches

A live stream is a great way to launch a product. During the live stream, demonstrate how to use the product and show the positive results using the product will bring.

Invite industry influencers if you want to take your live stream or live video course to the next level. People may have a mild interest in your product. However, if you invite the right influencers, people may come to see them and then learn about the product or service you are introducing as a byproduct.

Your live stream video will garner more business because people are more likely to purchase a product if they have a lot of information about it. After the live stream event, you can upload the video to your product page. This will allow new customers to have the same experience that those who attended the live event had. People feel less stress buying something new if they see a live example of how the product is used.

Offer Discounts to Those Who Buy Now

Of course, you want your live stream to convert. During the live stream, you could offer a discount to anyone who buys your product or service at the moment.

The nice thing is that many people buy products on impulse. They may be caught up in the emotion of watching the influencer you have on your live stream. Or they may be in a bad mood and feel that buying your product will make them happy. Whatever the reason, you want to take advantage of the opportunity that is presenting itself. Reward your viewers who purchased your product or service before the end of the live streaming.

Including buy now options and buy now discounts during your live stream may make your viewers think this is their last opportunity to purchase your product at a reduced price. Depending on the product you are offering, they may even boast to their friends that they were among those who got the product first during the live stream.

As you are creating promotional information for your live stream, don’t forget to mention your discounts repeatedly. Remind your viewers that the only way they are going to get the discount is if they purchase the product while the stream is live.

Create Auctions and Competitions

Auctions and competitions are kind of like buy now discounts. The difference is that they generate a little bit more energy by encouraging your viewers to compete against each other.

For something like this to garner attention and build enthusiasm, the prize offered has to be worth it. For example, you may tell your viewers that whoever wins the contest or the auction will get a limited edition style of your product for free. Or they will win some one-on-one time with the product’s producer. Doing things like this will raise awareness of your product and generate more sales.


Live streams take a lot of preparation. Make sure that what you are offering is worth it. If you provide high-quality content, you can even turn it into a webinar and monetize it. If the information is that good, you have every right to charge for it.

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