Information and Features to Add to Your Business Card


A good business card reminds people of the very first time you met them and eventually encourages them to enter business with you. All individuals, contacts, and leads interested in your business would be reminded of potential work they can get from you whenever they see your business card. 

Knowing what to add inside the business card, including the key design features, will help you make your business card both well-balanced and eye-catching. Once you are clear on what to add tothe card, you can also avoid the common mistakes of adding too much information, adding too little information, stuffing the card with text, choosing poor design features, and going for the wrong approach. 

In this article, we take a look at some of the important details your business card should preferably include. We also mention a few design tips to help you understand new features that can be added to your business card. 

Information to Include 

Below we mention the information you should include in your business card: 


The logo on your business card acts as a visual representation of what your brand stands for. A good logo should epitomize your brand identity and should act as something your customers remember you by in the long run. A logo makes your brand look credible in the long run and even sets the perception for you as a professional, trustworthy and credible individual. 

You can set your logo according to the preferences below: 

  • Written name: Most organizations prefer adding a written name to their logo instead of going for a graphic one. The writing is clearer and helps relay information clearly. 
  • Symbol: A symbol has its own benefits and conditions your customers’ brains to think of your brand in line with what you want. 
  • Monogram: Monograms are usually logos that are made up of one single letter. Abbreviations are good for such logos. 

The logo should be set clearly, without any major design glitches. The logo should also be repeated both at the front and the back of the card. 

Company Name 

The name of the company and the tagline you support should clearly be mentioned in the logo. The more prominent you make your company name, the better it goes for your organization. You should give plenty of space to highlight your company name and ensure that the tagline is also clearly visible. 


Carrying on from the point we have mentioned above, the business card should carry a decent tagline of your business. The tagline should ideally be a six-word sentence that summarizes the core of your operations and the industry that you operate in. 

A good tagline should help you clarify a number of things and should allow you to improvise and make actions clearer. Something like “Brand Strategy for All” should work perfectly fine. 

Your Name and Job Title 

The business card should ideally include your name, together with your job title. You should make this field prominent so that people remember your name and job title and see their eyes go towards that bit of information before anything else. Not everyone has a good memory, which is why highlighting your name and job title will help everyone remember who you are and what you do. 

Website and Contact Details 

Finally, you should conclude the information on your business card by mentioning your contact details along with the company website. Contact detail should include your preferred mode of communication at the top of the list to give people an indication of where they can find you. 

New Design Tips to Add 

Some of the new design tips you can add to the business card include: 

Go for a Dark Colour

While organizations would want their business cards to have the same colours as their branding, darker business cards do stand out among a pile. A good business card should stand out, and dark colours allow your cards to stand out when they have been stacked inside a cardholder or within a client’s wallet. 

QR Code 

Adding a QR code to your business card can be a good touch. The QR code can link back to your website, your online resume, your social media handles or anywhere else you want. You can read up on QR codes for business cards at and decide the benefits for yourself. 

Business cards are a formal way of introducing yourself professionally and set the first impression. We hope you understand how to design the perfect business card now and are ready for it.

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