How Do You Deal With an Unfair Workplace?


Your workplace is the place where you earn your means of livelihood, spending a good part of your everyday life. Every member of a workforce is important, as they contribute to the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of the organization. This is why it is important that every worker is treated fairly and with dignity. Being treated fairly by an organization or company entails being afforded opportunities of promotions and pay raises. Some companies are guilty of being unfair workplaces as they do not afford their employees these opportunities. We have put together in details, ways to deal with an unfair workplace. 

What is Unfair Treatment in The Workplace? 

Before you discuss how to deal with an unfair workplace, it is important to highlight what unfair treatment is. Racial discrimination is an unfair treatment in a workplace, so all employees are deserving of equal opportunities regardless of their skin colour. Discriminating across the line of other factors such as gender identity, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion and sex is also unfair treatment. 

Other forms of unfair treatment include:

  • Spreading false or private information about an employee.
  • Denying an employee a promotion or training opportunity based on factors that include race, gender, sex and religion.
  • Posting offensive comments about an employee on social media.
  • Putting women on lower wages based on their gender.
  • Dismissal, demotion, or transferring of an employee without a fair disciplinary process. 

Dealing With An Unfair Workplace

If you are faced with any of the issues listed above, there are a number of actions that you can take to deal with the unfair treatment. 

  • Document The Unfair Treatment: The first and possibly the most important thing to do in the event of unfair treatment, is to document the case. This serves as evidence for future reference, and will be your leverage to negotiate severance pay and agreement. Documentation entails keeping internal memo, email messages, office communications, voicemails that show evidence of the treatment.  
  • Report The Unfair Treatment: You can report the unfair treatment to your company’s Human Resources Department, provided that you do intend to remain at that job. They will formalize your complaint, but this will give you a “whistleblower” tag. Doing this will prompt your employer to address the wrongdoing.
  • Stay Away From Social Media: While some may advise you to post about your unfair treatment, it is important to keep it off the internet. Whatever you post on the internet might be used as evidence against you, so it is best to avoid that.  
  • Contact An Experienced Lawyer: An employment lawyer can help you to achieve your goal when it comes to dealing with unfair workplaces. If you intend to remain on the job, get a severance pay or change the culture. The lawyer knows the right step to take, in order to achieve any of these goals. 

With a seasoned unfair dismissal lawyer, you can be sure to deal with unfair treatment at your workplace. 

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