5 Great Ways to Boost Organic Traffic on Your Website


To build a thriving online presence in the competitive online world, you need to invest in numerous digital marketing tactics and strategies. One of your priorities should obviously be to drive as much quality traffic to your website as possible in order to generate qualified leads and inspire your visitors to interact with your brand, and even become your loyal customers. Of course, this is often easier said than done, because many business leaders think that all website traffic is the same.

In reality, your focus should be on boosting the organic traffic on your site, meaning that people are coming to you because you are ranking high in the relevant search results, not just because they clicked on your ad. Higher organic traffic will bring numerous long-term benefits to your business, so let’s take a look at the best tips you can use right now to increase your organic traffic and set your company up for long-term success in the online realm. 

Keep user intent in mind

To spark the interest of the online audience, bring the right people to your website, and build positive outcomes, you have to know exactly whom you’re talking to. Long gone are the days where cookie-cutter solutions work for the majority of your customers, and nowadays you need to focus heavily on the customer’s journey. Different customers are at different stages in their journey, meaning that the user intent will differ from customer to customer.

There are three types of user intent:

  • Navigational. The user is trying to get to a certain site that might hold relevant information, products, and services.
  • Informational. The user is looking for quality information from reputable sources, and they are looking to educate themselves on a particular topic, service, or product. They are not ready to buy anything.
  • Transactional. The user is ready to buy, and therefore they are looking for the search results that are optimized for a quick and seamless shopping experience.

If you are to drive quality organic traffic to your website, avoid a big bounce rate, and inspire your visitors to interact with your website, you need to optimize your web copy and content for all three types of user intent. You need to take the customer’s journey into consideration, and guide them every step of the way.

Improve your website’s performance

It should go without saying that a sluggish website that won’t even load properly won’t attract any amount of quality traffic, because it probably won’t even appear in the relevant search results. Keep in mind that Google nowadays heavily prioritizes performance-driven websites that load instantly and fully, boast seamless navigation, and are optimized for stellar user experience.

Your website is one of the key areas to focus on improving the user experience, and it will go a long way in improving various KPIs. With that in mind, make sure that your website is loading quickly by optimizing your visual content, using content caching, choosing a better hosting plan, and by using file compression to reduce the size of your  CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files.

Prioritize local SEO

To stand out and thrive in the competitive online market, you need to prioritize your SEO efforts and focus on becoming the dominant brand in your local market. Local search engine optimization has become a staple of successful digital marketing nowadays, especially in competitive markets like Australia where business leaders are struggling to win over the local consumers.

Australia is, in fact, a great example of how local SEO works. Business owners will work closely with a Sydney SEO agency to implement a local SEO strategy for the Sydney market and other cities they are targeting, while avoiding ranking in the local markets they don’t want to target. By nailing your own local SEO strategy, you will get more relevant traffic to your website and capitalize on the opportunities in the market where you have a brand presence – this will also boost traffic and conversions in your physical store.

Cater to the mobile demographic

The mobile audience is rising rapidly around the world, and if you want to rank higher and get more quality traffic to your website, you need to cater to the mobile demographic. It’s not just that people are consuming online content and shopping via mobile, it’s also about the fact that Google is heavily prioritizing mobile-friendly websites. 

You need to optimize your site with accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) that will make mobile browsing a breeze and thus show Google that your website is worthy of the first results page. This is also one of the best ways to modernize your business and future-proof your brand in a mobile-driven world. 

Build a powerful brand identity

Finally, always keep in mind that powerful brands attract more traffic and generate more qualified leads. One of your priorities should be to build a strong brand in the online world in order to boost visibility and awareness, but also your level of authority and trustworthiness among the competition.

That way, when people see you in the search results, they will be prompted to click on your link because of sheer brand recognition and the fact that you are a known name in the industry. Be sure to define your brand’s values, personality, tone of voice, and its unique visual identity that will improve brand stickiness and inspire your audience to become your loyal customers. 

Over to you

Improving your website traffic is one of the best ways to generate qualified leads and boost conversions, but to do it right, you need to implement some best practices in the industry. With these tips in mind, you will be able to safely improve your organic traffic and take your company forward in 2021 and beyond. 

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