How to Stay Safe When Playing at Online Casinos


Online safety is important, especially in instances where you are providing an online casino with your personal and banking details. The safety of your personal and banking details is the reason why you should only play at safe casinos. So, how do you know whether a casino is safe? Below, we will look at a few things to keep an eye on to ensure that you are not only playing at reputable casinos but that you also remain safe when doing so.

Complete the Verification Process

Reputable online casinos will usually mandate that you complete their verification process before you deposit or withdraw any money from your casino account. You usually have to provide identification where the details match those on the accounts used to deposit and withdraw cash. The verification process ensures that any money put or taken out of your account is done by you, helping keep your account and money safe.

Verification also helps online casinos weed out fake accounts that could become problematic for these platforms.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a protocol that uses at least two login methods to ensure the safety of your account. This protocol usually uses something you know, such as your password, something you have, such as your phone or email address, and something you are, such as your face and fingerprint. Usually, any two of these are adequate, but the most secure casinos use all three to ensure the safety of both your account and your money.

All players should take advantage of two-factor authentication as it helps eliminate instances of unauthorised access to their accounts.

Read Online Reviews

One of the best sources of information about the safety of online casinos is online reviews. These reviews are usually written by players who have played a few slots games or other games in these casinos and therefore have an idea of the measures these casinos take to protect their players. There are also dedicated review sites like that publish detailed reviews on the best online casinos. In their reviews, they provide details on all aspects of each online casino they review including the online slots the casinos have available, their promotions and bonuses, payment methods and a lot more. With online gambling coming with some risks, you do not want any additional risk when you play slots or any other casino games, and online reviews are great for helping with that.

Use a VPN

Casinos will usually encrypt all data that is provided by a player as it is sent or received and as it is stored. However, this does not stop man-in-the-middle attacks which happen when data is compromised as it is being sent across the internet to the casino’s server.

VPNs can help add a layer of security by ensuring further encryption of data between your computer and a casino’s server. VPNs can also help you mask your location and access casinos in parts of the world you otherwise would not have been able to.

Use Vouchers, E-Money and E-Wallets Preferentially

Casinos will often offer lots of different ways to deposit or withdraw your cash. When you choose to use direct bank deposits or credit and debit cards, you have to provide banking and card details to the casino. Instead of handing over your details to the casino, use vouchers, e-wallets and e-money.

Using any of these removes the need to provide the casino with any of your banking entails as you only need to provide the details of the voucher or e-wallet that you are using.

Ensure the Casino is Licensed

Before you sign up to any casino, always do proper research to ensure the casino is registered and licensed by a reputable body. Licensed casinos have to undergo thorough verification tests and audits to ensure they follow rules like fair play and player protection.

All licensed casinos are mandated to ensure that any issues with your accounts or money are looked into and resolved as soon as possible. If not, players have a reprieve as they can reach out to the licensing body and have them look into any complaints they have about the casino. Because casinos do not want to undergo this process, they will usually follow set rules and guidelines, including keeping you and your information safe.


All casinos are mandated to keep your data safe. This means none of your data should be available to anyone apart from you. Casinos that have anti-fraud units will usually give these teams access to your data, but this access is severely limited and only used to ensure safety and compliance.

Choosing a safe casino is very important as you want your personal and banking information to be kept as safe as possible. In addition to wanting the casinos to keep you safe, you also need to be proactive in keeping your account and details safe.

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