Being An Expat in Austria: Everything You Need to Know


From efficient public transport to incredible natural wonders, being an expat in Austria has an attractive number of perks.

The quality of life here is good and you can benefit from a low cost of living. If you are considering making a leap to live here, then here is everything you need to know about being an expat in Austria.  

There Is Plenty of Culture for You to Enjoy

If you are looking for a culture fix, then Austria can certainly deliver. From wine makers to authentic coffee houses you will have the opportunity to fully experience past cultures and traditions and immerse yourself into Austrian life. With so much to experience, you will certainly be able to fill any free time you have. The Austrian Sculpture Park is another must-see attraction with over 70 sculptures waiting to be explored, it makes for a great day out.

Accommodation Is Affordable

For a country that has so much to offer you may be thinking that the cost of living here is expensive. In fact, it can be the total opposite. With affordable accommodation there is a plethora of living options for you to choose from. Austria is cheaper compared to most places but there are areas like Graz which is not only beautiful but also comparatively cheap, so it is worth looking at areas like this.  

A lot of people are surprised by the beauty of the area but also, considering its position in Austria, how affordable it is. With great transport links as well, it’s a great area to set up base. You can secure rental experience with the help of resourceful websites that will help give you an insight into what type of accommodation you can get within your budget. You may be surprised to see that your money can go a long way.

Experience Breath-Taking Landscapes

It is no secret that Austria is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes across the globe. With snow-capped mountains and a copious number of green spaces, you truly will be spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring nature. Whether you want to take a dip in a waterfall or hike up one of the many mountain ranges, life as an expat in Austria is bound to fulfil your need for adventure.

There are plenty of natural wonders in Austria from the emerald green lake in Ephemeral to breath-taking views of Krimml Waterfalls in Hohe Tauern National Park.

Low Cost of Living

Expats can benefit from a low cost of living in Austria. It is always advised that you do your research as like most countries, some areas will be more expensive than others. In terms of working in the country, there is no minimum wage. It is important to note that you will need to get the correct permits to secure a job so if you’re planning on moving here without a job in place then make sure to get this sorted before you arrive.

Healthcare in the country is praised for its excellence and accessibility. For expats it is affordable, and you can benefit from high-quality services.

Austria has a lot to offer expats from around the globe and with cost-effective accommodation and affordable cost of living it is clear to see why so many people choose to reside here from across the world. If Austria sounds like the destination for you then don’t hesitate to make your visit – it is sure to be memorable.

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