This Is How Art And Technology Combine


You’d be surprised to find that you can combine your art and technology. Even though you might think that these are two sides of a different coin. If you’re trying to grow your art career to reach the heights of fine artists like Ashley Longshore, you’re not alone. Understanding how technology can accelerate your growth is important. This is why you should read the following ways that technology can enhance your artwork. 

1. Digital Manipulation 

There are innovative ways that you can incorporate to improve your art designs. There are various methods and techniques that you should use to alter your traditional artwork. The essence of digital manipulation is changing your conventional paintings and making them more attractive. You can even alter your images to create a completely different one. When you alter it, it’s difficult to even know what your images were before.

More businesses are using digital manipulation to improve their social media presence. When you follow the ethical standards of this technique, you can improve your advertising and publications. You can incorporate digital manipulation into your art designs through the following. 

Creating digital paintings 

You can use paint pouring to create new images. You can use any program that supports digital drawing or editing to achieve this process. 

Create watercolors 

You can attempt to create a design that you can use as your background to edit. If you want to enhance your digital manipulation, you should consider using chalk and watercolors. The great thing is that you can use this to manipulate your traditional abstract art. 


Using animation techniques, you can bring your paintings to life. You can create your GIF animations in the comfort of your home.

2. Transform Digital Designs to Traditional Artwork 

You’d be surprised to find that you can use your technology design tools to create traditional artwork. This makes it easier to move your objects around to speed up the process. In addition, your digital design offers you various ways to find your best compositions. Unlike painting on a canvas, when things don’t work out the way that you’d planned, you can always delete your design and start afresh. This offers you flexibility. These are the following ways that you can use your digital designs to create traditional ones.

Typography printmaking 

If you want to learn typography, then printmaking is the best way to start. When you use digital software it’s easier for you to learn the proper way to use your text. When you design things digitally, you don’t worry about whether your text is the right way around. It’s easy to just flip your images around. 

Custom stencils 

When you learn how to design your stencils, it’s easier to replicate some of your design elements. Fortunately, there are tools that you can use to improve your stencil-making process. 

3. 3D Pens and Printing 

Technology has made it easier for you to learn art. You can explore sculptures using a combination of technology and art materials. There are various things that you can create and print them using specific equipment. 

4. Using Coding 

You’d be surprised to find that you can enhance your art knowledge and digital literacy with coding. If you’re having trouble with certain aspects of your artwork, you can use coding to enhance it. 

In summary, it’s always a good idea to combine different techniques to improve your skills. It’s important to understand what can work best to achieve what you need to. As technology improves, your artwork improve along with it. 

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