Culture Shock: Improving Company Culture Through Technology

The most important part of any business is the workforce that puts all of the company’s functions and productivity into motion — the employees. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an environment where communication, collaboration and dedication are paramount. A company culture where those ideals prevail will be a strong one, and that strength will permeate the entirety of the company.

Shared routines, values and goals make up a company’s culture. When company culture is strong, it can have a huge effect on the productivity and morale of the staff. For instance, co-workers who have a well-defined understanding of how they fit into the larger scheme of the company and the industry are more likely to work together more efficiently.

Building and fostering a strong corporate culture takes careful consideration and dedication. In the age of remote work, it also takes technology. Technology plays a significant role in the communication and teamwork of workers across all departments and groups. Web portals and teleconferencing can bolster culture among employees and allow a collaborative and productive environment to be established, even across multiple offices. These innovative technological tools can also provide forums for workers to easily give feedback, which is important for transparency and progress.

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut way to measure your organization’s intangible characteristics. This is because no culture is static — the customs, attitudes and beliefs of any large group are fluid and everchanging. Implementing the right technology into the corporate workspace that can keep up with the constant shifts can make a big difference in a company’s culture. Particularly now, when everyone is working from home and feeling isolated and disconnected, using technology that helps fill the interpersonal gaps can dramatically benefit company productivity and employee satisfaction.

Take a look at the accompanying resource to learn more about how technology can create a more conducive workplace culture.

Infographic Provided by Halock Security Labs

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