How small businesses can make the most of TikTok


Keeping up to date with the latest social media trends and platforms can be difficult for small businesses with limited resources and even more limited time.

However, when something as popular as TikTok comes along, it’s important to learn about it and assess whether it can be a useful communications tool with your audience.

How popular is TikTok? Currently there are 689 million monthly users, while 69% of teens in the USA use it, meaning that if you’re targeting a younger audience and not already utilizing this platform, you’re missing a trick.

However, even for businesses that are now experienced on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, TikTok can be a daunting new channel. So how are brands currently using it?

One of the most popular uses is asking audiences to submit user-generated content with hashtag challenges that are designed to make your brand go viral.

Chipotle achieved this with their inspired #GuacDance challenge which earned millions of views by asking their users to copy a quirky dance and share with their followers.

Then, of course, there are the influencers, and TikTok is full of content creators with huge niche followings who can deliver real results for brands.

You could also do giveaways, run livestreams or create fun and informative tutorials that showcase your brand and products while also helping people solve problems.

With all of these possibilities, it’s no surprise that 35% of marketers say that they’re intending to use TikTok this year, so why not find out more from this ZenBusiness guide and see how you could use it?

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