Useful Excel Templates for Project Management and Tracking


It’s a wonderful time to be a project manager nowadays. No, the tasks have not gotten any easier. Managing projects and tracking them is still as challenging as ever. What makes things better is project managers now have access to several tools designed to make their tasks (and lives!) easier.

Among the fantastic tools project managers have access to are project management templates. If you are a project manager overseeing various projects, below are some of the Excel templates that can make project management and tracking a breeze:

Page Status Report Template

Managing a project without a page status report template can be likened to running things blindfolded—you have no idea what the project’s status is or if there are specific issues that you need to address right away.

Also, with a page status report template, communicating with team members and stakeholders is significantly easier. The template is also your best ally if you want to deliver presentations with more impact.

Gantt Chart Project Template

If you are looking for an effective tool that can provide a visual view of tasks you have scheduled, the Excel Gantt chart project template can be your best bet. This template is also designed to provide an efficient way of visualizing tasks regardless of project size.

The Excel Gantt chart also gives you the option to create a cascading bar chart. You can also sort things in categories from tasks and completion rates down to priority level. Just fill in the project details, and you’re good to go.

This template can also make designing tasks and tracking them easy and seamless, so there’s better interaction among everyone involved in the project.

Project Budget Templates

Without an innovative and robust budgeting strategy, no project can take off quickly. Fortunately, with an Excel Project Budget template, managing your project’s finances has never been more straightforward.

You can also effortlessly create fund allocations and detailed costings for easier tracking. Regardless of the project’s scale or the industry, Project Budget templates can help as they are easy to use and flexible.

Project and Task Tracker Template

Tracking your project is crucial if you want to stay on schedule. This also entails keeping tabs on the progress at a task-level. The Project and Task Tracker template can also function as a task to-do list and columns for the project’s planned and actual duration.

This is also crucial to easily keep track of what needs more attention and what is working. The chart can also provide a clear visual of your project and give you the luxury to monitor your progress in real-time.

Risk Register Template

Risk is an integral part of project management. This also involves anticipating the risks that are likely to occur and formulating a solution to get the project back on track. This is where a Risk Register template can come in handy.

A Risk Register template allows you to list all the likely risks that can occur throughout the project. From there, you can easily define how it can impact the project. You also have the option to identify the level of risk and assign it to an owner so someone can keep a close eye on it.


Managing a project is no easy feat. However, with useful Excel templates, managing projects can now be a walk in the park.

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