Vape Battery Explosion – How to Stay Safe


Over the years, there have been many incidents and accidents related to vape battery explosions that have left most of the users badly injured. Although such incidents are rare, their possibility should not be ignored. Vape batteries can explode and are very dangerous. Studies have been conducted to find out the cause of such accidents, but they are still not fully understood.

What we have understood is that the explosions are caused by the inbuilt battery issues. Nobody wants to experience such an incident, but it may occur with any of the users. So it is best to know which safety tips to follow in order to keep yourself safe. Let’s look at some of the safety tips that can help you prevent a vape battery explosion. Also, if you do experience a vape explosion, report it to the FDA immediately.

Use vaporizers with in-built safety features

The majority of the vaporizers available in the market come with safety features such as vent holes, protection against overcharging, and firing button locks. Furna vapes provide vaporizers with multiple safety features. Get furna vape whenever and wherever you want through their online website.

Replace batteries if they are damaged or wet

If your vape device falls into water or some liquid by accident, immediately remove the batteries. Do not keep the batteries intact if the device is wet. Also, if the device gets injured due to any reason, you must replace the batteries. If you are unable to replace the batteries, call the manufacturer.

Keep the batteries in a separate case to prevent them from contacting metal objects

Batteries should be kept far away from metal objects such as keys, coins, metal tools, or any other metal objects in your bag or pocket. This is why it is suggested to keep your batteries in a separate covering or bag.

Do not charge your vaporizer with a phone charger

Using different chargers is a very bad idea. It can damage the vaporizer’s battery. You should never charge your vaporizer with a tablet charger or phone charger. Only use the charger that came with it.

If you lose the original vape charger, then purchase another vape charger. Do not try to take the shortcut and charge your device with a phone charger. This will not only damage your vape device but may also damage the mobile charger.

Do not overcharge your vape device

When we put our device on charge, we tend to become careless and usually forget to take it off charge. As a result, the device is left unattended and gets overcharged. Also, the majority of people prefer charging their vape device at night when it’s not in use. This, however, is a very bad idea as it can hurt the battery and cause battery explosions at night.

Read the manual thoroughly

Make sure you have read the manual thoroughly so that you know how to use your vape device and how to take care of it. If your service did not come with a manual, then contact your manufacturer. Also, make sure that you have all the safety features enabled. Safety features such as the vent holes are designed to prevent vape battery explosions. Keep your batteries in check. Do not use batteries of different brands or batteries of other vale devices.

In a nutshell

Vape battery explosions are rare but can occur with anyone’s device. In order to prevent such incidents, you should follow the above-mentioned tips and advice. Taking precautions is the best shot you have at keeping yourself safe from such accidents.

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