Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in Washington


The mere idea of riding a motorcycle fills anyone with excitement. Motorcycles offer their riders feelings of freedom and power and few people can resist showing off their riding and maneuvering skills anytime. However, it is easy to forget that riding a motorcycle requires more coordination and strength than driving a car. It’s also important to remember that motorcycles share the road with other vehicles and trucks that are larger and may have blind spots that may make it harder for them to spot a smaller moving target next to them.

Read on to find out some important safety tips that can have you enjoying your motorcycle in a safe way for many years to come.

  • Always wear a helmet that has the certification of the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Your eyes are important: wear goggles or a face shield.
  • Make sure your clothing has reflective strips, particularly if you are in the habit of riding at night.
  • Wear shoes that are solid and have no laces that may come undone and get tangled.
  • Always ride sober.
  • Don’t ride with a passenger unless you have a high level of skill.
  • Keep an eye out for intersections which is where the majority of accidents take place.
  • Always ride defensively, make sure that vehicles around you can see you.
  • If possible, avoid getting on your bike under adverse weather conditions.
  • Respect the rules of the road, always treating other vehicles around you with courtesy and respect.

What is the best way to avoid a motorcycle crash?

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

You can avoid many hazardous situations and be more aware of the safest way to ride when you take a motorcycle safety course. Through it, you will become more aware of the dangers that you expose yourself to when on a motorcycle while also learning about the precautions that you need to take when you ride around others.

Ride a Bike That Fits You

You may take a dozen courses and be aware of all the rules, but if you ride a bike that you cannot handle, you may end up in an accident sooner than you think. A few rules of thumb that may reassure you that you have a bike that fits you include:

  • Make sure that your motorcycle allows you to firmly put both feet on the ground.
  • You should be able to comfortably reach both the handlebar and the controls.
  • Get a feel for the bike. If you think it’s too heavy for you, you are probably right.
  • Remember that today’s bikes, no matter how small, have improved torque and augmented performance.
  • Always ride carefully and responsibly.

 Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident?

It is well known that motorcycle accidents and injuries go hand in hand. The impact of a motorcycle accident on the body can be severe and result in injuries such as contusions, concussions, lacerations, and broken bones. Major accidents can result in severe internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. recommends that you reach out to an accident attorney and talk about your case. You may be dealing with complicated injuries, stacks of medical bills, and other expenses that may be preventing you from concentrating on recovering your health. An accident attorney will help you with your case.


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