Some intelligent uses for new mobile phones


The mobile phone (or smartphone) is an essential part of the modern lifestyle. Technology has advanced to diversify into every application possible. Most of the technologies are integrated into a mobile phone to increase accessibility. In today’s busy lifestyle, people need technology at their fingertips. Today, the smartphone is an assistant that helps people complete different tasks over their day. 

The use of mobiles has skyrocketed over the past few years. If anything, the pandemic year has increased the dependence of people on smartphones. The number of official user of smartphones has gone past three billion globally. This number is set to increase manifold by the next couple of years. 

The rise of mobile phone users during the pandemic was due to some pretty obvious reasons. Without smartphones, communication with the outer world would have suffered greatly. While adults earlier used smartphones, 2020 saw even children use smartphones to study. 

When smartphones are like companions to the workspace or study, it is unsurprising that developers are enhancing smartphones’ features. Besides creating more advanced smartphones, companies are creating smartphones that have superb usability. The universal appeal of smartphones lies in the fact that there is a smartphone for every smartphone user. Today, mobiles come with customizable features that can help you streamline your lifestyle and complete your daily tasks with minimum effort. 

How can a smartphone help? 

Phones are no longer used for only calling or messaging. The smart in smartphones stands for many things. Let’s see what new can you do with a smartphone today- 

  • Measuring your heart rate-  

 Today, nearly one-third of the world’s population uses internet-powered apps to track their health. Most of these health tracking apps pair with a wearable. These apps help keep a daily report of your health. The health-tracking software keeps track of your exercise regime and your vitals. These health trackers easily track heart rate and sleep patterns. Moreover, health trackers are great for everyone. Health trackers are especially perfect for diabetic people.  

  • Have a metal detector in your pocket

One of the lesser-known abilities of a smartphone is to detect metal. The phones that have an inbuilt magnetometer can act as metal detectors. You can enable your smartphone’s magnetometer with an app that detects magnetic material. The app can help you trace any metal object you have misplaced. In addition to this, you can also use the metal detector to scan a suspicious object or person for any metal on it. Metal detecting is an obscure feature, but it can come in handy. 

  • Gamble from anywhere- 

Are you a gambling enthusiast looking for a new way to bet on your favourite games? 

Are the betting shops closed due to the prolonged risk of COVID 19? Alternatively, you can enter the world of online gambling through your smartphone. The online gambling market will reach a valuation of $ 92.9 billion in 2023, and mobile gambling will have an instrumental role in this growth. Popular online casino affiliates like Casino Select predict an increase in mobile gamblers. Online casinos are creating smartphone versions that you can log into from phones. Smartphones have made gambling accessible from anywhere. From casino apps to websites, there are many gambling options available to smartphone users.  

  • Use your smartphone as your car key- 

Remote controlling apps are very easy to install on smartphones. While people used smartphones to control AC and heating systems before, they can control car movements now. Apps in your smartphone can help you open and lock your car. The app can secure your car by activating the security system from a distance. Apps can also help you guard your car and avoid theft of the vehicle. Such apps help increase the security and ease of driving your car.  

  • Measure your height and distance- 

You can load apps on your phone to estimate the distance of one point from the other in real-time. The app helps you estimate an object’s height from a distance and helps you grasp the distance approximately. This app is helpful if you are travelling in unknown territory. 

Today, we use smartphones in almost every field of life. Whether it is education or entertainment, a person heavily depends on his smartphone. If you are buying a new smartphone, be sure to try the new things you can do with it. 


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