Impact of mobile gaming on the online casino industry


As technology advances at a phenomenal rate, there are very few industries that have not changed significantly due to fresh and innovative technologies being available. The mobile industry is among these advancements. Mobile gaming is at an all-time high.


The rise in mobile phone usage has had a largely positive impact on deposit by phone casino sites. There are minimal disadvantages. The rise in popularity of mobile phones has also resulted in a rise in popularity for casinos.

The mobile phone industry is worth an extortionate amount, this has meant that the worth of casinos has also grown rapidly. By transferring casinos to mobile, the casino industry is staying relevant and accessible to everyone.


The competition for mobile gaming is fierce. Competing with other games is probably the only downfall with mobile casino games. Popular mobile games include; Candy Crush, Among us!,  Subway Surfer and Pokémon Go. The common factor between these games is that they are all free. This is an issue for the online casino industry.

Despite having to pay for the app, individuals have not been put off by it. Paid and free casino apps are still prospering and are at the top of the gaming charts. Casinos have combated potential deterrents by offering free incentives and welcoming packages.

Free bonuses

The bonuses associated with online casinos have actually caused individuals to favour online and mobile casinos over traditional casinos. Free spins have become increasingly popular. Casinos offer free spins to potential and existing customers. This is something that you would not find in a traditional casino setting. By offering free games, mobile casinos are allowing individuals to learn the games before committing to them. This gives gamers more confidence. After they run out of free spins, gamers are more likely to play the games and risk more. This results in increased profit for the casino industry.

Social interactions

The 21st century has resulted in individuals staying at home. Going out in public is now a rare occasion and going out to socialise is not as popular as it was fifty years ago. A lot of social interactions are now completed online. This does have benefits as it increases communications and improves relationships. Casinos are prospering as they offer individuals the chance to communicate with other like-minded gamers, through their mobile casino app.

The casino industry still exists today because of the use of mobile and online gaming. The popularity of casinos is due to the rise in mobile gaming. Without using mobile gaming, casinos would be failing.

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