15 Effective YouTube Tricks & Features Everyone Should Know


YouTube is the second largest and most popular platform for sharing and watching online videos. Whatever you think about video marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is YouTube. More than 1 billion active users and 1 billion hours of videos were watched per day.

Here I have posted 15 effective tricks & features about YouTube, and every user should know that to start the marketing. 

1.Download any Video Within 3 Sec

Everyone knows that no one can download YouTube videos directly from the app. Most people use 3rd party software and download their favorite videos. Without using any app, you can save the videos in your gallery. 

Replace “ss” instead of “www” in the YouTube URL and click to search. Now, you can be able to download the videos easily. Finally, you can download the videos. 

2. Shortcuts for YouTube Keyboard 

People always need shortcuts to move from one point to another point. If you don’t want to use the mouse while watching YouTube videos, then use these shortcuts.

K – Play/Pause video

J – Rewind videos (10 sec)

I – Fast forward (10 sec)

M – Mute video

0 – Go to the beginning of the video

1-9 – 10% to 90% bounce of the video

Now, you will know the shortcut keys for YouTube. Without delay, you can use them in your real life. 

3. Make a GIF from YouTube Videos

Recently, GIF videos are very familiar in social media. Even we can use these videos in our day-to-day life such as sending to our friends & only making the conversations. If you want to create a GIF from YouTube videos, here are the steps. 

  • Open your YouTube video
  • Add the word(GIF) before the YouTube URL. For instance: www.gifyoutube.com
  • Now customize your GIF

4. Translate Video Titles and Descriptions in your Videos

Do you want to watch other language videos converted from your own language? 

YouTube allows you to convert the video titles and descriptions because YouTube is a translation tool too. With this feature, it will most likely prove to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. 

Here are a few steps on how to translate to your videos:

  • Go to the YouTube studio.
  • Click out the left menu, choose subtitles.
  • Choose the particular video (what you want to see)
  • If you haven’t chosen any language for a video, you will be asked to select the language. Tap Confirm.
  • Add language & select the titles and description. 
  • Finally, Tap enter and Press publish

5.  Make YouTube Videos Load Faster/Buffer 

Do you feel the videos are taking much time to load? 

Perhaps, your internet connection might be slow. Or else YouTube videos have missed any function while streaming. You can answer all questions when you simply add a YouTube feature called “feather beta.” 

This function acts by trimming a few bytes which slow down video-streaming in your browser, throwing away your videos.

Just https://www.youtube.com/feather_beta and join it. See the magical performance. 

6. Add YouTube Cards to Your Videos

Cards allow you to create your YouTube video more engaging and enhance your channel growth. Compared to other social media, YouTube engagement is extremely valuable, and it is important to promote your content. 

For that, YouTube provides some features which improve the YouTube engagement level between your viewers and channel. YouTube cards can add more visual components with underlying goals to you.

There are five types of YouTube cards to your videos:

  • Playlist or Video: Market your video content
  • Poll: Encourage the audience to engage in conducting polls.
  • Link: Links to an authority website off of YouTube.
  • Donation: Feature a cause of your choice or nonprofit and encourage donations.
  • Channel: Enhance another channel.

7. Include Custom Subscribe Button

You can uplift your audience to subscribe to the YouTube channel by including a watermark to your effective videos. By this way of branding a watermark is called as a custom subscribe button. In this way, you can increase your subscriber’s growth to your channel. 

If you can add a subscribe button on your YouTube videos, the audience can directly subscribe to your channel. Even if they forget to do it, the branding watermark helps to remember them to subscribe. 

How to add it:

  • Sign in YouTube studio – Go to settings – Choose channel – Tap Branding 
  • Choose a particular image – upload the image that you want to upload as your watermark.
  • Choose the display time for the branding watermark. You can select the entire video, but custom time is the last 15 seconds. – Save changes. 

8. YouTube to MP3 Converter

Many of them are trying to convert YouTube videos to MP3 converters. There are many websites there to convert them, such as ytmp3, yt1s, peggo, etc. 

If you want to add your own video with the same music, you can use it. Without delay, use them and enjoy your day! 

9. Download Thumbnail Image

Thumbnails are a very important way to find out your videos quickly. You can customize your own thumbnail based on your videos. Thumbnails are nothing but a reduced-size version of images or videos. It helps to increase your video ranking and video visibility to your video. 

How to download:

10. Add Video to Watch Later

You can add your favorite videos on YouTube that’s called water later. The major advantage of saving a video is that you can watch a video at any time by using your internet. 

How to save it:

Tap on “add to” Choose “watch later” at the time of watching a video. Select the menu icon on the top left and select watch later. Or else tap on the three-dot button on the right side of any video in the search result and choose watch later.

11. Sync YouTube Video

YouTube has excellent features that sync your videos on YouTube. Using Sync Tube allows up to 50 viewers to watch a video on YouTube by synchronizing along with a window for the chat. Tap the video; if you want to watch the video with your friends, share the URL with your friend’s group.

Here is the Sync Tube Link: [https://sync-video.com/] 

12. Use YouTube Video Editor

Increasing your views and likes for your video content is the best way to boost the channel’s growth. But, content is not sufficient to engage with your followers. You should focus on the content edit before uploading on YouTube. 

For such, YouTube’s video editor might turn out to be a great tool. By using this tool, you can cut or trim videos, add special effects, include quality music, and enhance the video quality. Keep in mind video clarity gives more subscribers to your account. 

13. Watch YouTube Videos in slow motion

You can add a slow-motion feature in your videos while watching your favorite videos or movies on YouTube. In this case, you will create a fun mode of entertainment. If you do not try this, open YouTube and follow the below instructions. 

Go to YouTube -> click the settings (gear icon on the page) & Choose speed “0.5” or “0.25”.

14. Use YouTube Like a PRO

When you’re searching for exact word matching videos from YouTube and find the set of n number of videos is time taking. You may have to see several pages to determine your exact match. To overcome this- type “allintitle” before searching keywords. By the way, this trick will show off the particular videos of selected keywords.

15. See the Transcript of Video

YouTube video transcription is one of the processes of translating your videos, audio, into text. It also automatically makes transcripts for every video created on its platform.

How to do it:

  • Go to YouTube -> Choose any video (you can see more options) such as Add to, Share, and more
  • Click More -> Choose transcript from the menu. 

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