Benefits Of Cannabis For Skincare And Why CBD Creams And Lotions Are Today’s Newest Hemp-Trend


Cannabis-infused products are quickly reaching the vast regions and corners of the planet. There are a a wide variety of CBD products derived from farm fresh, pure CBD hemp oil ranging from gummies to peanut butter to even beef jerky – just check out to see how much there is. There’s so much more to the taboo that hemp and marijuana were once subjected to. With benefits that are backed with medical research, here are facts you need to know about cannabis and skincare, and why you should try out CBD creams & lotions, too. 

Benefits Of Cannabis For Skincare

1. Acne, Pimples, And Redness 

These three skin problems are as common as “common” gets when it comes to your skin— acne, pimples, and redness. Here are what frequently plague men and women. With others suffering through them almost perennially.

When the openings of hair follicles become clogged with grime, dirt, and sebum, the likelihood that they will become infected increases. Once they are infected with bacteria, the same clogged opening will incur pus at its tip and become a pimple. 

Pimples, being the “symptom” of the skin disease— acne, if not treated at its early stages, will merely worsen. These inflamed skin anomalies may go away on their own. However, in many cases, they linger. The same is true with skin redness due to bacteria and infection.

Instead of going for synthetic products that may work, go natural with CBD creams and lotions. The CBD or “cannabis” element in them contains anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe, and later, reduce these skin irritations

2. Less Oil And Sebum-Clogging

Very much in relation to number 1 is how studies show that cannabis is able to impact what is known as “sebocytes”. Sebocyctes are responsible for the production of sebum. Sebum, the oily and/or waxy material formed all over your body’s sebaceous glands. 

Although researches are continually being conducted as to why sebaceous glands react a certain way towards CBD, the results are nonetheless incredible. When your sebaceous glands go on overdrive and overproduce sebum (i.e. sebaceous hyperplasia, genes, etc.), CBD can act on them by stabilizing their operation. 

Less abnormally oily skin equals a lower likelihood of having recurring acne and skin inflammations. 

3. Dryness 

It’s ironic that though CBD stabilizes your skin’s production of oil, it counters skin-dryness. “Dryness” that often leads to severe skin disorders such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and more, can be impeded. 

Researchers agree that this can be pointed towards CBD’s anti-oxidative properties. 

Skin dryness may not always be related to how much sebum your sebaceous glands produce. It is also dependent on what we eat, what products we use on our skin, and on the environment. 

Whichever the case, topical CBD has hydrating components that may aid with moisturizing the skin without leaving it oily. 

4. Fine Lines And Wrinkles 

With ageing, or in others, early signs of skin ageing due to exposure to chemicals (i.e. skin-application, ingestion, etc.), comes fine lines and wrinkles. Processes in the body slow down. With this, cell division and renewal. 

In the context of skincare, said slower cell operations lead to lesser elasticity. This is because the dermis, the layer of your skin that acts as a “home” of interconnecting systems of collagen fibres and elastin, decelerate in their function as well. 

CBD creams and lotions do not have the capacity to stop the effects of ageing altogether. However, they can reduce the degree of said effects’ impact. They can combat free-radicals that speed up this cell function-deceleration so that fine lines and wrinkles are improved.

5. Brighter, More Radiant Epidermis 

In other words, “more radiant skin”. That’s what you can achieve with consistent use of CBD cream and lotions. Call this benefit the outcome of all four mentioned above. People who’ve tried including CBD topicals in their routines have seen an overall improvement in their skin’s appearance.

How To Use CBD Creams And Lotions 

Although CBD creams and lotions are considered safe for general usage, it is vital that you follow set instructions as to how to apply them to your skin. Here are a few basics on what you should know regarding CBD topical application.

1. Follow The Product’s Instructions 

There’s nothing like going back to the basics and reading the fine print about how a CBD cream or lotions are to be lathered on. These products typically have a very straightforward approach to usage.

However, since hemp and marijuana products have varying levels of potency, and that each said product is best used for specific skin ailments, consult the instructions on the product’s bottle and/or box. 

2. Understand CBD Concentration 

Varying dosages of cannabis equate to varying intensities (and effects) of the product itself. 

For 250mg CBD concentration, apply 1ml of CBD topical

For 500mg CBD concentration, apply 0.5ml of CBD topical 

For 1000mg CBD concentration, apply 0.25ml of CBD topical 

Creams and lotions may be a bit challenging to measure as they are very viscous. Droppers and similar instruments will be useless in this regard. On that note, you can use a regular teaspoon as a guide. 

A fourth of a teaspoon is equivalent to 1ml. An eighth of it is equivalent to 0.5ml. So on and so forth. 

No need to fret as CBD topicals will have directions as to how much or how little you are to apply, according to your skin condition. 

3. Start With A Very Small Amount 

CBD topicals may look the same in form as different generic ones. Thus, patients commit the error of spreading as much of it as they would a regular cream or lotion on the affected area on their skin. Avoid this as much as you can. 

What you are to do is refer to the potency per dosage of the product itself. If your skin condition requires a mid-to-high dosage, start with a small amount and dab it on your epidermis. Then, add on and over it as you go along until you reach the required amount and/or dosage. 

4. Wash Hands Immediately 

Soon after applying the CBD product to your skin, do NOT touch any other part of your body and/or face. Instead, promptly wash your hands with soap and water for a good and solid half a minute. 

Afterwards, wash the portion of the soap and/or soap dispenser you held, to rid it of traces of CBD. 


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