5 Ways to Find the Best Personal Injury Lawyer


Are you in need of a personal injury lawyer? If you have gotten the runaround from your insurance company, now is the time to take action. You don’t have to accept no for an answer and you don’t have to go bankrupt to save someone else money. The time for you to hire a lawyer and file your claim is now.

1. Get References From Family and Friends

When it comes to finding the right personal injury lawyer for your case, you’ve got to be careful. You can usually trust references that you get from trusted friends and family members. However, you will still need to vet these to make sure the lawyer they recommend is right for your personal needs.

2. Choose an Attorney Who Specializes in Personal Injury Cases

One of the very best ways to ensure a high level of satisfaction in your lawyer is to choose one that specializes exclusively in personal injury claims. This will help you to find a lawyer whose area of expertise, as well as trial record, is in this area. When you hire a specialist, you are hiring them for special skills and expertise.

This is crucial because you don’t want to hire a lawyer whose attention may be divided between several different kinds of cases all at once. You want someone whose entire focus will be on your own case because this is precisely the kind of issue they have devoted their career to covering. The narrower their focus, the better for you.

3. Choose a Lawyer Who Isn’t Afraid to Go to Trial

It’s all well and good to hire a lawyer who is skilled in negotiation. If you can someone manage to arbitrate your way into a settlement that works for your needs, all the better. But you should be aware that in a personal injury case, this isn’t always – or even usually – the case. Most of the time, you’ll need to go to court.

This being the norm for the situation, you will need to hire the best personal injury lawyer Sherman Oaks, or whatever area you live in. You want a lawyer who isn’t afraid to go to trial. You also need one who has years of experience in trying and winning cases. A lawyer who isn’t afraid to file a claim is one that will gladly go to bat for you.

4. Make Sure Your Lawyer is Fully Certified

You should never be afraid to see the state legal certifications that your lawyer may possess. All attorneys are required to possess these licenses. You are fully within your rights to ask to be shown them. It’s for your protection and the protection of your family that you ask for proof that they are legally qualified to represent you.

It’s also a very good idea to choose an attorney that is a member of various state and national trial lawyer groups. Visit Hirsch & Lyon to contact a lawyer that fills all the criteria to help you sort out your case. These are groups where lawyers can go to get feedback, tips, and news from other attorneys. Groups like these have regular meetings where lawyers can network. The lawyer you want is the one that stays “in the loop.”

5. Hire a Lawyer with Respected Work and Opinions

If you can find a lawyer who has lectured or written on the topic of personal injury law, you will be making an excellent choice. An attorney who is considered an expert in this field by their peers will give you the best chance of winning your case.

A lawyer who feels confident enough in their knowledge of the subject to write or lecture about it is one that has experience in trying cases of this kind. It also follows that they have won plenty of these cases.

The Time to Choose Your Lawyer is Now

You should never feel pressured to choose the first lawyer that talks a good game. A personal injury case is a very serious one that deserves the best legal representative you can find. This means taking the time to do the right amount of research for your choice. The sooner you hire the right lawyer, the sooner you can win your case.

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  1. It was helpful when you mentioned that it is important to find a lawyer that is fully certified. I was hurt in a car accident yesterday. A certified lawyer will help me figure out what the best thing to do in my situation is.

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