The Importance of Totes and Storage Boxes


The organization is a struggle for most of us, with many of us lagging greatly in organizing our stuff. But everyone can agree that a clean room, home or office is nothing but pure pleasure for the eyes. How can a person achieve a top notch organization while not wasting too much time doing it? Storage totes will help you keep your stuff sorted and make it easy to navigate when you need it.

Even one storage box makes a huge difference in cleaning out the clutter and extra stuff that plagues a room. For example, a book or a pouch that has not been touched or used in years or files that have never even been opened, these items build up over the years until the point your workplace or home looks like a mess. Want a clean and minimalistic look? A small price for a large storage box is one of the best things a person can ever buy. The boxes can be used to store all the extra and unneeded stuff which are scattered throughout the place.

So, chuck all of them in these affordable plastic boxes. One or two boxes are mostly more than enough to easily store all the small items like books, newspapers, pens, tools, and toys. They can be placed neatly anywhere, in a corner that can be opened when needed to take out your items.

Let’s create a hypothetical situation in which your shelf or closet is filled with clothes, make-up items, and much more stuff, out of which only 10% of it is used. It destroys the look of the place, making it look messy and unorganized. And, to clean it all up, you need only one storage box, or more, depending on how much stuff there is. You can spend 30 minutes of your time transferring all the unused items in the shelf and the closet to the storage box and transform the look of your workplace or room. What would you prefer? Digging through a mountain of stuff to get to one thing or having it in front of your eyes all the time?

According to reports by U.S. News and World Report, the average American spends one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items. Organized spaces help us to quickly search and find things we need, without all the stress and panic of not being able to locate certain things. And when you free up the time it normally takes you to look for items, you can replace that with spending more time with family, working on hobbies, or even starting that exercise routine that is on your new year’s resolution list.

Types of Storage Boxes

Storage boxes come in various types, from simple transparent or foggy ones to ones that look like pieces of art. There are many other types of such boxes used in factories, workshops, and industries to tidy up the workplaces. There are also cloth made storage bags which can be used if you don’t like the idea of using plastic.

Whether it be your living room, your bedroom, or a workshop, there are all types of storage boxes out there that can perfectly blend with the surrounding. You can buy these boxes in all shapes and sizes. There are stackable boxes for jewelry and makeup. There are wooden ones that are lightly decorated, which can be placed anywhere and store many items like kids’ toys or medicine. These decorative boxes do not stand out and provide a very subtle but effective storage solution.

Overhead Tote Storage

Are you one of those that spend most of your time in the garage building and creating things? Or are you a factory worker who has to work with a lot of tools and materials? Then the idea of overhead tote storage may seem like a dream come true.

While it is true that storage boxes solve most of the disorganization problems in most places, whether they are households or factories but, in some cases, even they fail to provide adequate storage for your items. Sometimes even these boxes build-up to the extent that they don’t solve but add to the disorganization problem. They clutter your workspace, affecting productivity. You can only store so many boxes in stacks before they topple over. So, why not store them on the ceiling space, out of everyone’s view.

Tote Slide

Introducing Tote Slide! The ultimate solution to all your storage problems. In layman’s terms, they are metal rails that can store all storage boxes on the ceiling by sliding the boxes onto them. They have to be drilled into the ceiling and then provide an indefinite storage solution. The rails can support up to 450 pounds, which in real life can never be achieved by storing anything in a tote.

So, having such assurance gives the buyer peace of mind when buying them. Depending on which type of totes you are using, the rails can be installed according to their size. One package comes with four rails, which can be installed in one go. Each line can store three large-sized totes. The steel used in the manufacture of these rails is extremely durable.

For most people, one kit is more than enough to store all the stuff they have because there is little chance that all of a person’s extra and unused stuff exceeds the storage space provided by nine large sized totes. It must be noted that these rails do not come with the totes themselves. They must be bought separately. 

It is also recommended to use tote boxes from the same manufacturer or brand because of the difference in sizes. If you order the wrong box, then there are chances that it may not slide into the rail system due to it being too large or too small. Hence a single manufacturer with the same product is recommended when buying tote boxes.


Summing everything up, tote boxes are a storage solution that everybody needs, no matter how clean their house or garage is. They provide adequate storage for storing most of the unneeded stuff that lies around. If you don’t like stacking the boxes or have too many of them, then overhead storage is your best bet before you start to seek out other solutions for your problem. It stores your boxes in a way that is out of sight but are still easily accessible whenever needed.

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