8 Savvy Travel Tips to Make Your Beach Vacation Memorable


Why take a beach vacation if you won’t make it special? Beach vacations can be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Here are some tips to make sure you have the best time of your life at one of the best beaches in the world.

1. Sunscreen Is a Must 

Nothing spoils a beach trip more than a raging red sunburn. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests putting on sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to protect your skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from free radicals that cause you to age faster. If you’re afraid your body won’t get Vitamin D because of sunscreen, worry no more: the sunscreen only blocks dangerous UV rays, and doesn’t interfere with the Vitamin D. 

2. Pack light

If you’ve ever breezed through an airport with only carry-on luggage, you’ll never want to do it any other way. 

Choose lightweight fabrics. When picking tops and dresses to wear, look for silks and synthetics like nylon. Even with your underwear, find the best bra or boxer material that will sit lightly in your luggage.

Wear your jacket or blazer. If you have a main jacket or blazer (for a work trip), wear it for the trip instead of packing it. 

Wear your shoes. Okay, we’re not saying you won’t. But try to lessen the number of shoes you bring, and wear the bulkiest or most central pair. Make sure it matches all your outfits!

3. Always Bring a Sarong

In the interest of packing light, a sarong is the most practical item you can bring along with you. It can double as a scarf in cold weather, a sun cover in hot weather, and a head cover when appropriate. 

Find a full-length sarong. Some cute sarongs only cover the waist. If you want to use it as a possible bed covering, boardwalk wear, and even as a towel, you’ll want that large thing.

Pick a pattern you will recognize. The last thing you want is to lose your sarong among all the other beach wear on the shore. Pick something you will recognize on sight.

4. Pack an Extra Swimsuit

Pack light and then pack an extra swimsuit? Yes, you heard us right. In the long run, this will give you a better beach experience. If you are planning to swim both day and night, drying one swimsuit while wearing the other will save you from struggling into a semi-wet swimsuit every few hours (not a fun experience). It will also stop your one swimsuit from wearing out through all the rinses and wringing. And, best of all, if anything happens to one, you have a fallback!

5. Pre-plan Your Outfits

When going on a trip, lay out each day as if it were an event. Split it into two or three parts, and write a general plan for each part of the day. If you’re planning to sleep in, for example, you don’t really need a breakfast outfit on that one day. But if you have a social night out or a date, you’ll want to prepare for that in advance. You definitely don’t want to look at piles of beach wear and wonder what to do. Make sure your clothing pieces can be mixed and matched, with some special items for special days. 

6. Always Carry a Large Waterproof Handbag With You for Your Beach Essentials

If you’ll be at the beach the whole day or more than one day, you definitely want more than a cloth bag to protect all your essentials. What do you need to look for in a waterproof handbag?

Space. You want a handbag with enough space for everything from your phone to an extra shirt and your sunscreen.

Wide or thick straps. Beach bags tend to get pretty full, and they get heavier with water weight. Make sure the straps are comfortable for you to carry around. 

Compartments. Small waterproof compartments protect your electronics and make it easy to find your stuff. 

7. Wear flip-flops or crocs in the water

Not sure what footwear to bring on your beach trip? First of all, make sure it’s waterproof or at least something that won’t get spoiled by water, like the best water sandals. Second, make sure it’s got some grip to it. Rubber is the best. You want to wear it on the beach and even in the water. The footwear should protect your feet from sharp objects and also from slipping on seaweed or mossy rocks. In this case, flip-flops with straps or crocs would be your best bet. 

8. Get Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is usually what crosses your mind when you’re out for a long trip. Should you also get travel insurance when you’re just out on a road trip? The short answer is yes. A cheerful beach trip can change direction pretty quickly when you have to spend your vacation money for repairs or lose it in cancelled reservations because of a hurricane. Good travel insurance protects your vacation from unnecessary stress. 

Congratulations, you are more than ready for that trip!

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