Do people in the UK play bingo for fun or for the prizes


Bingo is one of the most widely played gambling games in the entire world, however it is often looked down upon by the wider casino industry, as many people still refuse to see bingo as a proper gambling game – click to play You see, unlike most other gambling games, bingo wasn’t invented in a casino, in fact its roots can be traced all the way back to a lottery style competition in Italy called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia that happened in Italy. 

For this reason steadfast casino gamblers can often dismiss bingo as just a fun little game played in schools or in the communities of older generations, however this really isn’t the case at all, especially in the 21st century. These days there are millions of people trying their luck at bingo from all kinds of demographics, but are they playing simply for fun or for the prizes? It is a tricky question to grapple with, however keep reading to find out our thoughts. 

A history of bingo in the UK 

Whilst the seeds for bingo were sown in Italy, it didn’t take too long before this style of lottery game found its way onto British soil, and when it did bingo immediately became pretty damn popular across the UK. At first the game was referred to as “housey-housey”, however at the beginning of the 20th century this was changed to bingo, in line with the changes that Erwin S. Lowe had successfully made to the game in America. 

Throughout the 20th century bingo in the UK was played extensively, and there was an exponential rise of bingo halls being built across the country, fuelling the almost exponentially increasing popularity of this classic game. As the 21st century has rolled in physical bingo halls have started to decline, replaced mainly by the new world of online bingo. 

Common UK bingo prizes 

So then, what are some common UK bingo prizes? Well, by far the most common prize that you can win from a game of bingo is some prize money, and this is also one of the main reasons why so many people like playing bingo too. 

The prizes aren’t all cash however, and it is common to have other things such as concert tickets, experience days or even holidays as being UK bingo prizes too. 

The element of fun for people playing bingo in the UK 

Despite the fact that it is more than possible to win some tantalizing prizes whilst playing bingo in the UK, many people simply love playing the game because of its inherent fun factor. 

Sure, the game itself is extremely exciting, especially when you are down to your last few numbers, however bingo is also a lovely communal game, and so playing it gives you that extra social factor too. 

Do people in the UK play bingo for fun or for the prizes? 

It is hard to tell if people in the UK play bingo for fun or for the prizes, and we suspect it is a bit of both.

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