How to Keep Yourself Looking and Feeling Young Later in Life


Protecting your skin and body from the stress of aging has to start young. By staying active, eating right, and getting plenty of water, you can’t stop aging, but you can make it easier and more enjoyable. Finally, you can lay the groundwork for healthier golden years with simple habits in youth.


Do your best to maintain a high intake of antioxidants in your diet. The simplest way to boost your antioxidant intake is to include fresh fruits and vegetables in each meal and snack and to build a beverage habit high in these useful toxin removers.

Have green tea instead of soda in the middle of the morning. An egg salad sandwich on whole-grain bread is much healthier than a cheeseburger. Oatmeal with fresh blueberries is a great breakfast option to keep cholesterol down and digestion moving. Finally, when you need a snack, grab a handful of grapes or some cherry tomatoes.


Keep your vitamin routine regular and strive to maintain a regular intake of vitamin C in addition to your daily multivitamin. If you can’t tolerate a multivitamin because of the iron, consider adding a fortified cereal to your routine with yogurt high in probiotics to boost gut health. You should also consider adding to your diet a fisetin supplement, with great anti-aging properties.

As we age, inflammation can create challenges in our bodies. Turmeric is a supplement that may be effective in protecting our bodies and brains against inflammation, as well as B supplements if you have a genetic risk for dementia.


Get into a regular exercise routine. Moving your body through space is a great way to

  • burn calories
  • lift your spirits
  • give you hope
  • add muscle
  • build bone strength

We don’t have to fall apart as we age, but an inactive young body is likely to feel worse as it ages. There will be a loss of bone density, tissue elasticity and muscle mass as we age; it’s a natural loss due to hormonal changes. However, a regular exercise routine can prevent a lot of this loss and give you a deeper well to draw from as you age.

Skin Treatment

Preventive care is key. Avoid the sun and stay away from toxins like cigarette smoke. Get yourself a nice big hat and use it on your daily walk or when you work in your garden.

Take care to invest in sunscreen that will work on your body and your face. The skin on your face, particularly around your eyes and your mouth, is more delicate than the skin on your body. Sunscreen can make your skin sticky, which increases the risk of tugging as you apply it, which can increase the risk of wrinkles. Find a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 for your face and use it each time you go out. If you wear makeup, layer sunscreen in the process of putting on your face with your moisturizer and base.

If your skin is oily in your youth, you may shy away from moisturizers that feel heavy. Look instead for serums that can deliver great health to your skin without the sticky weight of a protective moisturizer. Over time, you may want to include a light moisturizer around your eyes and mouth. Finally, always keep lip balm handy.

Scalp Protection

Every bit of skin on your body can burn, so a plain old sun hat is always a good decision. In addition, focusing on dietary choices that include eggs and fatty fish products including

  • salmon
  • shrimp
  • oysters

can protect your scalp. While we may be fighting fat on our bodies, our hair needs a bit of fat to stay healthy and strong, so increase your avocado intake when they’re in season.

All of the cells of our body, including our scalp cells, will become less effective over time. If you notice that your hair is getting limp, thinner, or generally looking less vigorous, a Hairmax scalp stimulation tool may or a laser stimulation tool could be a wonderful choice.

There’s nothing wrong with getting older; in fact, aging is a gift that too many don’t get to enjoy. However, by watching your diet and building healthy habits early, you can reduce some of the damage that shows up on our faces and in our bodies as we get older.

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